One hundred things Abbott got wrong in his first year in power

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Bob Ellis considers Tony Abbott’s first year ruling Australia.

He said those who wanted an independent Scotland were enemies of ‘freedom’ and ‘honour’. He said Putin had personally ordered the shooting down of MH17. He said there was a cover-up, and proposed to “bring to justice”, presumably in shackles, Putin and his co-conspirators. He promised to ‘bring them home’, and after spending fifty million dollars, failed to do so. He spent half a billion failing to find, in three oceans, one skerrick of MH370. He failed to investigate what was obviously true, that Americans in Diego Garcia shot it down.  He uttered no word of criticism of the mass murderers of Joe Hockey’s relatives in Gaza.

He promised no cuts to health, education, Gonski, NDIS, SBS and the ABC — and broke all these promises. He let Pyne, who paid nothing for his degree and $80,000 for his house, charge the next generation $2 million dollars for these advantages. He defended Brandis when he said:

 “We all have a right to be bigots.”

He proposed legislation which, if enacted, would have put Mark Regev in gaol for 25 years. He proposed legislation that would have put in gaol for twenty-five years all Australians who, in Syria, opposed Assad. He redefined ‘disability’, demanding disabled people get a job, or else. He effectively told teenage girls who did not accept not accept available employment as whores they would get no money for six months.

He proposed to take away schoolkids’ money that would give some families $2,400 in a year, and most $800. He denied all money to the car industry, and destroyed it. This caused the ending, in the next three years, of 100,000 jobs and the distortion or destruction of half a million lives.

He opposed gay marriage and would not let the Liberals, some of whom are gay, vote their conscience on it. He believes his sister will fry in hell for it.

He let Scott Morrison’s cyberbullying cause two young men to burn themselves to death, and one to try to. He approved the unhygienic conditions which caused the death of Hamid Kehazaei, and the brutish regime which injured with violence 60 young men in one night, killed one, shot one, and slashed another’s throat. He approved Morrison’s proposal to sell into slavery, and probably sexual slavery, 50 children in Cambodia. He approved Morrison’s bizarre idea that children now infants should serve a hundred years on Nauru, not leaving it to marry or seek a university education, for the crime of having got here last September, not the previous June.

He proposed to go back to war in Iraq and fight those crucifying savages the previous war had created. He did not apologise for his hero, Howard, having fuelled a war that killed, wounded, or exiled six million people, including all the dentists, and engendered by its brutalities ISIS, the nastiest mob of cutthroats since the Spanish Inquisition. He called ISIS a “death cult”, though his own fierce faith, with its crucified hero, burnt martyrs, torturing inquisitors, beheaded Apostles, auctioned saints’ fingers, Holy Crusades against the Infidel, and weekly eaten Christ, is a death-driven madness also.

He defied the world on global warming and got an unimaginative capitalist to propose the end of solar power and the embellishment of coal. Though the carbon tax had brought down emissions, he abolished it. Though he said he would keep the carbon reduction 2020 target, he did not contradict those who wanted, now, to abandon it.

He said he would get the Budget back into surplus, then spent $12 billion this year on a pregnancy bonus, a useless jet fighter and a pointless search for a drowned plane, and refused to readminister super deductions that would bring to the government $4 billion (per year) its coffers needed.

He said ‘It’s all about trust’ and became the least trusted leader in Australian, or British, history. He became, as well, the least popular Prime Minister, in his first six months, in world history.

It is thought his proposal to provoke World War 3 in the Ukraine, and Armageddon in Iraq, will gain him votes and show him to be a world statesman. He may wrong about this. The electorate may be tired of expending billions on doomed incompetent wars.  He thinks that selling uranium to a country likely to use it, in atomic bombs, on a Taliban Pakistan, which will respond with atomic bombs of its own, is wise policy.

He is as stupid as that. He thinks that a fresh crisis a day will distract attention from his incompetence and cruelty. He may be right about that, thus far.

But the Ashby interview last night, and Morrison’s assistance to escaping murderers, and his own confessed and proven misuse of travel funds (twenty times Peter Slipper’s mere nine hundred dollars) will do for him eventually.

And so it goes.

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