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None of the present participants meet the criteria for a real democracy, says Old Bob, in the first of his election year blogs.


YES, THIS IS THE YEAR we voters use our democratic power to put in place a Government for the next three years. Who do we vote for? LNP? Labor? Katter’s new party? The Independents?

I don’t know. None of them meet my criteria for real democracy, not one. The Independents are too few in number and the rest seem to be there to promote themselves for themselves.

Who works for the people? Certainly not the LNP outfit, they are full of the sort of spiels I would expect from a ‘used car salesman’. Not representative of the people of our country at all.

Tony set off the year with the idea of a "mini election campaign" to promote himself as the ‘Alternative’ Prime Minister. His efforts in that area are so far from reality as to be totally ludicrous. His truck driving stunt was a sham, his fire fighting stunt was stage managed using a RFS vehicle that was rostered off duty and a real fireman was left off the vehicle so Tony’s camera man would have a seat. So, it was simply another ‘photo shoot’ to show what a great guy our Tony is. He actually did nothing at all, he never went near the damn fire. Then the sand bag filling stunt in Queensland. Real people filling bags had to stop while Phony Tony was filmed filling his three bags. What a fake he really is!

And not only is the LNP unpalatable to my taste but Julia appears to be subverting the process of selecting candidates for the next election. I always believed that each electorate selected its own candidate from local members. Therefore it goes against the grain for me to see our Julia organising a candidate without giving the electorate the freedom to operate.  Come to think of it, that’s how Mal Brough comes to be running for election in Slipper’s electorate.

And I have no idea what Bob Katter’s Mad Hatters are about. They may be the new One Nation Party, like the Pauline Hanson one that caused the LNP and Labor so much trauma some years ago. Both parties did a wonderful job wrecking her try at getting a real democracy going. But, at this point in time I simply wonder what Bob and his mates are up to.

What happened to democracy? Is it considered superfluous by those power brokers who run our damn government?  I know our current economic capitalist model favours the whole world being governed by wealthy businesses. But that wouldn’t work anyway, that is more or less a dictatorial way of doing things and is bound to fail simply by the weight of numbers of people who would be disadvantaged by its operations.


And, of course, now that the election date has been announced we, the poor voters in Australia, will have another seven bloody months of political campaigning to sort through. Don’t forget people, that you can’t trust the news media any more, they promote their own puppet at every opportunity and fail to give credence to other candidates.

Media manipulation is a powerful weapon when the masses of voters believe what is written, but do we believe them? I don’t, that’s for sure. Maybe I am very old-fashioned and still believe the best candidate is someone I know, someone who lives in my electorate, someone I have come to respect over a period of time. Sadly, such a person never gets ‘selected’ by the Party faithful executive — they want someone who will do as instructed, whether they believe it’s good for the country or not.

I also find it strange that many of those in power hold up the USA as a model of efficiency and success. If the USA is so successful, perhaps someone could tell me why the American Congress has just voted to increase the amount of money their Government can borrow above $16 trillion or so. That is an awful lot of money to owe. You can’t run a business with any degree of success when you have to pay massive amounts of your business income as interest on borrowed money.  As you can imagine, I am not enamoured of the American model at all. They sold everything that could generate an income and relied on taxes to pay the cost of running the country; then they gave unrealistic tax refunds, tax rebates, and so on, to those who own the businesses they sold off.

Little Johnnie Howard did much the same thing here in Australia and it seems that Tony wants to continue along those lines. Only there isn’t much left to sell, Tony —  little Johnny sold it all; so where will you get your surplus now?

I will watch and wait to see what happens in the next eight months or so in the lead up to our next Federal election.

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Old Bob’s election year blog

None of the present participants meet the criteria for a real democracy, says Old ...  
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