Not too late for the Libs to change course

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What a tragedy it is that the Liberals will not stoop to conquer, writes senior correspondent Barry Everingham.
by senior correspondent Barry Everingham

What a tragedy it will be for this country, that a political thug like Tony Abbott is a hairsbreadth away from becoming our next Prime Minister, while talent such as Malcolm Turnbull – and now, it seems, Peter Costello – are hovering in the background.

For my part, I don’t believe for a moment that Costello would have declined an opportunity to get back into the Parliament.

He would have knocked Abbott off his perch in two seconds flat and rid the front bench of some of the most appalling politicians we have ever been saddled with.

Peter Dutton — the former Queensland cop, with the coldest eyes that ever blinked.

Sophie Mirabella – a foul-mouthed individual, who has the temerity to point a finger at Craig Thomson.

Bronwyn Bishop — the time server, whose use-by date has really been passed.

Kevin Andrews — one of Abbott’s bible-bashing has-beens.

Eric Abetz — enough said.

Christopher Pyne — whose insincerity shines like a beacon on a dark night.

Phil Ruddock — once one of the  Parliament’s most decent men until he accepted the inhumane Howard polices for treating asylum seekers.

Scott Morrison — who leaves his professed Christianity at home to be dusted off on Sundays.

Cory Bernardi — the Abbott pin-up boy revered by Professor David Flint and a guy who is totally anti- Muslim.

It’s too depressing to go on.

Peter Costello, while in office, disappointed many true Liberals by refusing to take on John Howard — a long serving Prime Minister who, at the end of the day, was despised for his total subservience to the United States’ most unpopular President, George W Bush, and for handing over to Washington the running of Australia’s foreign policy.

Costello was the man who, more than likely, would have got the Liberals back in the election that thankfully saw John Howard tossed on to the dung heap of political history.

Neither Costello, nor those around him, had the balls to take on John Howard when his time had come.

As I said — they just won’t stoop to conquer and the country suffers.

Seems we do get the governments we deserve.

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