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So, we have these mysterious op shop cabinet appearances full of, you know, highly sensitive government files...

On Wednesday morning, I, like many, saw an ABC tweet about what I thought was ” Groundhog Day”, pink batts style.

Allegedly, ”new” revelations had come, supposedly, from the #CabinetFiles.

This raised so many questions, such as:

  1. Who did this?
  2. What was their motive?
  3. Did I erase that USB, hidden in 2013 behind my half eaten vegemite and cheese sanga?

It's 2018 and satire writes itself

If this was not so serious, it would be funny — hilarious even? But we all know there are underTones of political discombobulation with the way this government is falling to pieces.

They have no Credlin left and as long as the crime or "thing” was committed over four years ago, it seems to be OK with our TopHat.

Will we now see legal proceedings against Scott Morrison begin after this revelation from #CabinetFiles?

Now, back to Kevin and "our" ABC.

Kevin Rudd is suing the ABC

To which the ABC tweeted 13 minutes later...

Some say the motivations are unclear

It began here with the ABC

People's Twitter feeds were filling faster than Lib politicians travel chits.

Now that legal proceedings are pending, skirting around #CabinetFiles makes one wonder how much more will come out.

I believe the leak will turn into a stream (mill), which will turn into a creek (Up Shit), then into the river of Lookovathere, flowing down into the Gulf of Misinformation and out to the Discombobulation Sea.

Go on, click on Tenplay below — you know you want to!

This was originally published on Bighead's blog. You can follow Biggy on Twitter @Biggy1883.

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