Margaret Court in the act: The tennis racket is full of lesbians!

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The tennis world is full of lesbians, says Margaret Court. Tess Lawrence says that's not the half of it! (Image via tenplay.com.au)

The world is teeming with lesbians, writes contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence and, as Margaret Court says, they all want to turn our kids into Communist Nazis — the very worst Nazis of all!

MARGARET COURT IS RIGHT, tennis is full of lesbians and she should know.

And that's not the half of it. The hairy gits are everywhere.

Even journalism is full of lesbians. Police forces are full of lesbians. The military is full of lesbians.

Nunnerys are full of lesbians. Islamic State is full of lesbians. After all, Freud said all women were castrated men. He should know. He was a lesbian.

God's a lesbian. Jesus too. And why do you think the Ghost was Holy? Yep, a lesbian trifecta.

The AFL is dead set full of lezzos. Crikey, they've even got more of them than the AFLW!

Soccer is full of them, just check out the ink.

All rugby codes are full of lesbians; catch the squirrel grip, dead set giveaway.

Everyone sucks up to them.

Domino's makes a special family-size Lezzo Pizza. Number 69.

Roller derby is full of lesbians. Hockey is full of lesbians; the game not Joe. The medical profession is full of lesbians.

Lesbos, the island founded by lesbians is still inhabited by them and all the refugees there are lesbians too.

I won't hear a word against the godly Pastor Margaret Court. Gawd luv 'er.

Why not? It's obvious. Look around you, people. In Myer, at the tram stop, in the milk bar, at the dentist, what do you see? Exactly! All chokkers full of lesbians.

The Coalition is full of lesbians. And those that aren't are closet lesbians, that's for sure.

One Nation is full of lesbians, named for the one true sect.

The Labor Party is full of wannabe lesbians, but they're in with a chance.

The Reverend Dr Court, founder of Margaret Court Industries Inc, is also quite right to boycott Qantas for its corporate stance on same sex marriage. After all, girlcott sounds a bit silly even if it is closer to the mark. No wonder it's nicknamed Qantarse.

(Image via sbs.com.au)

As well as writing letters to editors, she's thankfully outed the Devil's role in all of this — and linked such lust to Hitler and Communism.

"That's what Hitler did. That's what Communism did," Court said, "get in the minds of the children. There's a whole plot in our nation and in the nations of the world to get in the minds of the children."

Put on some non-lesbian organ music if you can find some, make a cuppa and listen to this beaut, penetrating and insightful radio interview on Vision Christian Radio with Maggie that really gives us an insight into the tennis great's humanity and compassion:


The 62 Grand Slam, thank you ma'am, heads up the Victory Life Centre and I was pleased to see good old Luke helping her out with a bit of fundraising advice to us all, tithes and offerings to you:

‘Give and shall be given to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken togehter and running over, will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.’ (Luke 6:38)

Never mind the typo, heavens above, even the President of the United States does those. It shows we're human. I do them a lot, just so I can appear extra human.

(Actually, I can now reveal that "covfefe" spells "lesbian" sideways.)

By the way, funny that Luke should mention bosoms, but — given that he didn't much like women, even though he was a lesbian himself. As were all the Apostles, including that Mary Magdalene who tried to disguise it by going around washing mens' feet and drying them with her hair. Anyhow, off topic.

Billy Hughes was a lesbian. Sir Robert Menzies was a very tall lesbian and started the unplucked feral eyebrows craze emulated by the likes of Cara Delevingne.

Cara, treads, feline and giveaway feral eyebrows

The Mountbattens, Lord and Lady, were both lesbians.

Captain Cook was a seafaring lesbian. Burke and Wills were landlocked lesbians.

Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and Markus Antonius were all lesbians and so was that Walt Disney of Elizabethan times, William Shakespeare.

Did you know that all roses are lesbians? Didn't think so. The plant world is full of them.

All jockeys are too, I bet you didn't realise that either.

The trucking industry is full of lesbians. Maternity wards are full of lesbians and they all give birth to lesbian bubs.

Cindarella was a lesbian. Snow White wasn't quite as white as she pretended. She was a lesbian.

Elizabeth I was a lesbian and had two lesbian spaniels called Sappho and Boy George.

Sappho was named for the lesbian poet, but how's this, she was also a tennis player and this picture proves it:

Yes, you've spotted it – what is Sappho holding in her left hand in this lovely picture in the Manchester Art Gallery by artist Charles Auguste Mengin – why, an early version of the tennis raquet, no less (Image Wikipedia Commons)

I haven't decided whether I'm a lesbian lesbian or a lesbian lesbian lesbian. Or whether I'm gay, heterosexual, bisexual, trisexual, intersex, transgender, transatlanic or transgender, but they're all versions of lesbianism anyway.

The world is full of them.

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