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Tony Abbott's diplomatic blunder has the power to cause future bilateral tensions between Australia and Britain. This post also features original artwork by Jeffrey Wood, who has begun publishing caricatures on Independent Australia.

LAST WEEK, IA editor David Donovan wrote a long story about the reasons why Tony Abbott was not fit to be Prime Minister. There were several reasons, so he split his piece into a few different parts for ease of reading.

The first part, Tony the Untrustworthy, was published on this website last Friday.

Today, the second part of this series talks about Tony Abbott's diplomatic blunder last week, and is published in full by On Line Opinion.

There is one more story to come, but before Donovan publishes the final part about Abbott, he will be talking about why the ALP are such poor public administrators. Independent Australia doesn't think Abbott should be Australian Prime Minister, or even Opposition leader, especially when Malcolm Turnbull sits waiting in the wings. But the ALP have shot themselves in the foot time and again by the habit they have of ignoring the electorate, mismanaging projects, playing factional politics in preference to running the country and induging in shameful power-plays that leave the Australia people shaking their heads in disappointment. They must, of course, also be held to account.

Jeffrey Wood on Independent Australia

What you won't find when you read the On Line Opinion article is the superb caricature of Tony Abbott at the top of this post by talented Sydney artist Jeffrey Wood. We are delighted to say that Jeffrey has agreed to contribute more caricatures for Independent Australia, so keep an eye out for his work in the future.

For now, you can see more of Jeff's work on his website at www.everydaycreatures.com.  
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