Abbott Government: Incompetent, sinister and immoral

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There is a growing consensus that the Abbott Government is no longer fit to represent us. Natalie Cromb concludes that it is the most sinister and immoral group of individuals in Australian history banded together by individual wealth at the expense of ours.

I DON'T know anyone that voted for the current government – perhaps I do and they’re too ashamed to admit it – but in any event, it feels as though every person I speak to is either in a haze of confusion or in a state of irate contempt. One thing is for sure, there is consensus among those I speak with that this government is not fit to represent us.

At best, it is the most incompetent and intellectually void example of elected government and at worst (and perhaps more accurately), it is the most sinister and immoral group of individuals banded together in a common goal of individual wealth accumulation (theirs) at the expense of the Australian people (us).

We have an election campaign that was a corporate victory predicated on a misogynistic smear campaign from Murdoch media run with the slogan of vilification of all minority groups; immigrants, Indigenous people, single mothers, old aged pensioners, Muslim people, scientists, the LGBTQ community and any woman who perceives her reproductive organs to be her own. Let us not forget the catch phrase of “the age of entitlement has come to an end.”

Since Abbott and his merry band of right wing corporate lackeys took office they have dismantled the scientific advancement of our country, they have undermined the environmental future of this land, devastated the Indigenous population with further subversion and vilification, bullied Aunty ABC, demonised the most vulnerable members of society, decimated funding to programs for domestic violence victims in a time where we are experiencing the deaths of two women a week as a result of domestic violence.

We have seen the increase of a Visa labour force, with a relaxation of the skills required to do particular jobs that Australians would need to be qualified for. We have seen increased tax cuts for Liberal donors, we have seen the highest unemployment rates in over a decade, and we have seen worsening living standards for all Australians but particularly devastatingly, an abhorrent level of decline for Indigenous Australians on land that is rightfully theirs and being profited from by the greedy LNP donors.

Then comes the shameless misappropriation of public funds by politicians of all levels. Tax paid by hard working Australians that is intended to support the Australian people to achieve a base level of living is being used to pay Joe Hockey’s wife’s mortgage. Tax-payer dollars are being used to give Bronwyn Bishop a $5,000 helicopter ride to a Liberal function.

I don’t care what technicalities Joe Hockey is claiming, he knows that the expense claims are not intended as a rort like this and any denial that this is the case demonstrates just how unfit he is to be drawing a salary paid for by us — the Australian people.

Why do they get away with it? Because the system is corrupt.

Sit down Lib supporters and swallow your outrage — I’ve had quite enough from you merry bunch of trolls and I’m just getting started.

In the six-month period from 1 July 2014 to 31 December 2014, nine LNP ministers claimed expenses that were just shy of $4 million.

Expenses. Six months. $4 million.

I know, it takes a while to digest that, but the truth is, in just six months, nine government ministers claimed expenses from tax payer funds that would be the equivalent of 120 Australians getting a four year university degree, or 213,000 Australians getting preventative cataract treatment or feeding 1,000 homeless people for a year.

Tony Abbott alone claimed $1,057,675 in addition to his generous housing, transport and clothing allowances along with his $503,000 annual salary.

If we average that $4 million and extrapolate that for the entire ministry, we are looking at a government expense claim over a six-month period in excess of $17 million. Think of the difference this money could make for domestic violence shelters, for children who have parents struggling to make ends meet and going to school with rumbling tummies, what about the many homeless throughout Australia.

The money claimed for frivolous and nonsensical travel, shameless fine dining and first class everything could have been changing the lives of the very Australians that public monies are intended to be spent upon.

And what value for dollar did we receive from these ministers? We are an international laughing stock at the sheer backward absurdity of our government and their bobble-headed leader, we have an economy in decline in multiple key indicator areas, we have the loss of key industries, the loss of workforce to foreign labour, we have the loss of prime farmland to destructive mines, we have the loss of over 30 Aboriginal heritage listed sites to make way for more mining licenses, we have the closure of Aboriginal communities and we have widespread homelessness and bankruptcies.

Abbott: A strikingly poor politician - Joshua Kurlantzick from US think tank Council on Foreign Relations.

As our political system is a derivative of the British system, we have two essential elements of responsibility that are considered to be imperative to the integrity of the parliament, they are the doctrine ofindividual Ministerial responsibility” and the doctrine of “collective responsibility” which ultimately means that Ministers are both responsible to parliament and their departments.

But what if the whole system is broken? Where we have the corrupt pointing fingers at someone perceptibly “more corrupt” to deflect from further corruption, or worse, the deflect from sinister political agenda making its way through parliament?

Where is our recourse? Who is our knight (sorry, I couldn’t help myself)?

Many people ponder the Governor General, but really, the Governor General – although appointed technically by the Queen – is so appointed because of the recommendation of the Prime Minister. Bite the hand that feeds you and all that?

Australia is broken, so broken that – at times – it feels hopeless. But we need to spare a thought to the Australians who don’t have the means to speak out:

  • The single aged male who lost his minimum wage job where he was scraping by without any savings and ended up forced to seek welfare. His fortnightly entitlement? Would not cover a week’s rent in a bedsit in Sydney, but this is supposed to be the minimum standard of living.
  • The pensioner couple who debate with themselves in the supermarket as to whether they can indulge in some fresh ham from the deli at the expense of heating their homes.
  • The battered woman who needs to leave her abusive partner with her children but has nowhere to go due to the closure of shelters.
  • The Aboriginal communities that have had their water shut off as part of a sinister move by the government to get them to move off prime mining land.
  • The persecuted asylum seekers who flee certain death to come to Australia to provide their children the opportunities that are taken for granted by a large portion of our nation, only to be incarcerated, abused and tortured.

"Lord of the Lies" (cartoon courtesy @JohnGrahamArt - cf. John's Cartoons & Caricatures on FB) 

We owe it to our brothers, sisters, neighbours and strangers to resist the cruel measures of this government. We need to fix this country with love and intelligence. We need to invest in our nation and environment and not pillage it to the point of complete decimation.

We need to start our fight at the polling booths and when we elect a new government, we need to be strong, united and controlled in ensuring that whatever government is next elected is held to account by the people and not allowed to run rife like the current despots.

We need to remind the public servants who they serve and that they ought not fear their corporate donors, but rather the people, because when we shed the ingrained apathy and selfishness — we can be a truly remarkable people.

Let us earn this democracy we so widely take for granted by getting it to work for us once again.

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