Abbott and The Australian predict the end of Gillard

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The Liberal Party newsletter quotes Tony Abbott as saying the Gillard Government is finished. If he’s right, Barry Everingham fears for Australia’s future.

That Liberal Party PR organ, Rupert Murdoch’s once great newspaper The Weekend Australian quotes Tony Abbott predicting a swift end to Julia Gillard’s’ reign and an imminent end of  her government.

If that is the case – maybe for once the Oz has got it right, although it’s strange the paper is the only source of the story – the Liberal Party, if it has any feeling for our country’s future, should swiftly replace Abbott and Bishop with Turnbull and Hockey to prevent a lunacy of right wing reactionary behaviour.

An Australia with George Pell dictating Health and Education policies would be unthinkable.

An Australia with Hugh Morgan being consulted on mining and mineral issues would be disastrous.

An Australia with Andrew Bolt’s input into Aboriginal and immigration issues is unthinkable.

An Australia with Kevin Andrews getting his soiled hands on Work Choices. God help the workers.

An Australian Government made of ministers such as Cory Bernardi, Sophie Mirabella, Eric Abetz, Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, Scott Morrison, Bronwyn Bishop, to name  a few is too dreadful to contemplate.

And John and Janette Howard sharing the role of the Governor General would be marching us backwards to centuries ago.

By the way, Sophie Mirabella got a very mixed welcome from her constituents on Monday night’s Q&A; her recent performances and her continual arrogance to the voters in her electorate coupled with her foul language has really upset many people. I know this from some ultra-conservative friends who live there. The Member for Indi was extremely careful not to antagonise Tony Windsor last night; he had a very sympathetic hearing from the country based audience.

Bishop, Andrew and Ruddock: the fresh new face of the Liberal Party

[Watch this Q&A live on the ABC website.]

Now, some time ago a secret  gathering was held at the Malvern, Victoria, mansion of millionaire art dealer Rod Menzies, at which Andrew Bolt chaired a group made of some of those mentioned above (and others, including Michael Kroger) to discuss a proposition along the  lines of ‘Whither Australia’?

I can’t determine if Abbott was there or not, but that’s not the issue. Those who were in his thrall, they make his policy, they are the dictators — the faceless Liberals from the lunatic right.

The high end of Collins Street — but not the Melbourne Club, its status has been reduced to something akin to a suburban footy club; the membership is made up of great blokes with more pressing issues than politics on their collective minds
“Look here old boy…are we going to allow that pinko Ted Baillieu to stop jumps racing and who does he think he is bending to knee to Canberra and putting a ban of cattle grazing in the high country. For Christ’s sake the bloody state is falling apart. Thanks Marmaduke, yes dear boy, pass the port please and will you be at the Old Melburnians meeting next week?”

But the scary crowd at “Stonington”, the Menzies mansion, is making the place a hotbed of behind the scenes machinations, which I hear includes interviewing prospective candidates for seats which might become vacant.

Their views are carefully considered, branches are stacked and pre-selection committees hijacked.

Australia, unless we are very careful, will be run by a gang of feral Liberals.

With the emergence of America’s Tea Party – which is patronised by Rupert Murdoch and his idiotic stable of “commentators”, headed by Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity – could see the USA going to the right but, with the murder of Osama bin Laden, President Obama’s re-election is now a certainty. We have a lot to thank the dead man for!

Imagine the chagrin of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld – and their lap dogs, Howard and Blair – that the capture and murder of bin Laden didn’t happen on their watch.

Murdoch’s hugely read tabloids here are polluted by right-wingers, who vote, although I have to admit the columnists I have in mind write well using many words of more than one syllable, which means those who “read” their crap may not necessarily be any the wiser; we can only hope.

The underlying message is — cast votes carefully.

Do not ruin Australia by giving us an Abbott government.

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