Mayor Tate votes twice to secretly buy airports ─ residents left in the dark

Property developer/Mayor Tom Tate has voted twice for a Gold Coast Council proposal to buy Quee ...  
The voyage

This short story is an *IA Writing Competition (fiction category) entry.  
Net movement of visitor visa holders highlights Home Affairs hitch

In 2022, it is likely the net positive movement of people on visitor visas will exceed all prev ...  
October figures reveal rapid rise in international travel

International travel is booming again with the largest numbers recorded since early 2020.  
New pathway to permanent migration encourages gaming of visa system

Amendments made to the visa system will give temporary entrants an opportunity to exploit it in ...  
Rules around travel exemptions unclear, stranding Australians

The travel exemption based on "compassionate and compelling" grounds is inadequately defined, ...  
Canada’s aggressive plans for immigration post-COVID-19

The Canadian Government has increased immigration targets to help its economy recover from the ...  
Double standards in Australian travel ban crisis

While Australians are left struggling to leave the country on compassionate grounds, the Govern ...  
Aussies abandoned in India: The Australian citizenship lie

By enacting the travel ban against Australian citizens returning from India, the Morrison Gover ...  
Federal Government making it hard to call Australia home

The Australian Government is making its citizens stranded overseas during the pandemic crisis feel ...  
India latest front in Morrison Government's war on Australians

The Morrison Government is at war with its own people.   
Scott Morrison impotent on visa arrangements for Indonesians

Scott Morrison said he will rethink visa entry conditions for Indonesian visitors, a system ...  
The sad demise of another former Aussie icon — Stayz

Since home-grown accomodation portal Stayz was sold to a global travel giant, things have gone ...  
'HAVE A HOLIDAY ON US' competition winners announced

We can now proudly announce the winners of our recent 'HAVE A HOLIDAY ON US' subscribers only ...  

Win three nights in beachside luxury on the Gold Coast by subscribing to Independent Australia.  
Chaos at the Airports: Lawyers stymie Trump’s #MuslimBan Executive Order

The brakes are already being applied to Donald Trump's megalomania by diligent lawyers and judg ...  
Watch this Space: Doc Martin on the Tele's gaffe, Pauline Pantsdown, RAAF

Martin Hirst wraps up the week: Daily Tele pinged for a second time, Pauline Pantsdown's spat with ...  
Mr and Mrs Pyne’s excellent upgraded European adventure

Turns out, Christopher was just kidding. He wasn’t down the back of the Airbus at all. He was up ...  
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