The ALP, modern monetary theory and an Australian Green New Deal

The ALP might have had a better chance at the election by offering a Green New Deal inspired by ...  
Christmas Island: The $185 million 'unhinged stunt'

A few short weeks after announcing it would reopen Christmas Island Detention Centre, the Gover ...  
Post #BankingRC, public trust will only 'trickle down' from Government action

There is more to businesses building trust than corporate leopards simply saying they will change ...  
Note to the Liberals: A budget surplus doesn't make sense

Dr Steven Hail writes that, contrary to conventional economic thinking, government surpluses don't ...  
The death of competition?

Are we approaching a new economic period where competition is but a distant memory, replaced by ...  
Banking Royal Commission: The work has only just begun

Even if all the 76 recommendations of the Banking Royal Commission were to be implemented, not ...  
Franking credits: The Coalition's scare campaign

Unsurprisingly, the Coalition's franking credits scare campaign is working.  
Banking RC Report: The banks have learned how to rort the system

The Banking RC Report marginalises small business borrowers, effectively calling them sore ...  
Franking credits, superannuation and other legal tax 'rorts'

The top 1% of Australians have more wealth than the bottom 70% combined.  
Banking Royal Commission: Business as usual for the Big Four

With the release of the Royal Commission report, it seems the banks have come out unscathed due to ...  
#BankingRC misconduct: Not a victimless crime

Such human rights impact of financial misconduct is an untold story that needs telling. Today of ...  
Above the zeitgeist: Banking corruption as normality

Banking has become the crime made good.   
EDITORIAL EXCERPT: Morrison cuts Foodbank — Merry Xmas poor people!

The Coalition slashed annual funding for not-for-profit charity Foodbank, just weeks before ...  
Banks apologise for crimes: Sorry not sorry

We’ve seen the odd apology from bank CEOs over the years for “misconduct” of a bank under ...  
Coalition’s hands-off housing policy points to 2019 election defeat

The Coalition's failure to deal with the housing affordability crisis could spell electorate ...  
Stuart Robert's litany of transgressions

Stuart Robert still owes money to Australian taxpayers as well as an apology and an explanation as ...  
INVESTIGATION 2: Tom Tate, Frankie Four-names and the piggy forestry bonds

In the second part of an investigation into colourful Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate, managing editor ...  
Banks, insurance companies and other corporate failures

In the end, it is not companies that perform well or badly. It is people.  
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