Governments create poverty and abandon the poor

Australia has the wealth to eradicate poverty and homelessness, yet our political leaders turn a ...  
Net migration set to hit record high levels in 2023

The Government must plan effectively and carry out immigration compliance activities going forw ...  
Australia rewards its workers and rejoins the growth economies

The latest official data confirms the Albanese Government is achieving sound economic outcomes and ...  
Australia can afford to fix the damage done by interest rate hikes

While interest rates and the cost of living continue to cripple us, rethinking our economic system ...  
Telstra cuts hundreds of jobs amid growing challenges

Facing stagnant revenue growth, telco giant Telstra has axed almost 500 jobs in an effort to cut ...  
Albo’s team sets employment records, despite job categories disappearing

Australia’s jobs market has improved greatly over the first year of the Albanese Government.  
Wheels of fortune

This short story is an IA Writing Competition (fiction category) entry.  
Albanese Government cracks down on migrant worker exploitation

After the Coalition left Australia's migration program in chaos, the Albanese Government has ...  
Hospitality sector crippled by cost of living crisis

New challenges posed by the current economic crisis are proving difficult for the hospitality ...  
A long weekend every week? It's time

Trials of a four-day working week have found that the strategy holds huge benefits for businesses ...  
Aged care labor migration pathway full of 'risks'

More aged care workers are required, but there are questions over the new Aged Care Labour Agre ...  
POEM: Park on Park

Nick O’Loan and Nic Clark both work at a carpark... Park on Park.  
Creative ways to solve Australia's homelessness crisis

It's clear, even to harbourside mansion dwellers, that there's an accommodation crisis right ...  
RBA review dashes hopes for reform

An analysis of the Reserve Bank's performance has failed to recommend solutions to key problem ...  
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'Landmark' migration review slams years of Coalition mismanagement

The Minister of Home Affairs, Clare O'Neil, unveiled the latest review of Australia's migration ...  
Albanese Government leaving JobSeeker destitute behind

Despite promises to leave no Australian behind, the Labor Government has turned its back on ...  
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Coalition and Murdoch media distort truth about asylum seekers

If the issue of asylum seekers becomes a political football, a sensible policy solution becomes ...  
Uproar over cafe child workers unjustified

Criticism aimed at a café employing child workers is unwarranted since no complaints of exploi ...  
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