School bullying victim speaks out - media silent

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School bullying victim Jordan Nash made a moving speech at a recent Courier Mail law and order forum, though it was not reported by that newspaper.

Jordan Nash at Courier Mail community forum held at Queensland parliament. Civil libertarian lawyer Terry O’Gorman is on the right.

Now this is really sick! I left school in grade 7 due to excessive school bullying. I complained to the Anti Discrimination Tribunal, where I was further bullied and where my courtroom audiotapes and transcripts were repeatedly severely edited to pervert the course of justice.

The CMC, Parliamentary CMC, Ombudsman, ALP, LNP, QPS have totally failed me! No one cares! We’ve even protested outside John Mickel’s electorate office for six months because the state is not hearing us. But Council shut our protest down and fined us $1,000, forcing my mother to address John Mickel from the public gallery again. We were both violently ejected and I was tortured at least 8 times by Anna Bligh’s personal bodyguard, Daniel Hietbrink and held down by the Sergeant at Arms.

We we’re told we haven’t been charged with anything yet, but if we carry on we will be. Despite not doing anything wrong, I was arrested in front of my terrified mother Jennifer, who kept begging police not to lock me up in a police paddy wagon because I was claustrophobic and disabled. But they ignored her! The whole incident was suppressed from parliamentary Hansard Records and we were both charged and falsely arrested for the first time in our lives. A video of this incident has been uploaded to YouTube, titled Queensland Intelligence agents arrest and torture bullied schoolboy and corruption victim.

3 months later we attended Anna Bligh’s Gold Coast forum, where she tried to avoid us. Six days later my claustrophobic and sick mother was arrested by Senior Constable Stephen John Williams and locked up for 1½ hours in a cell on a totally false charge even though the complainant himself had made no complaint against her. After that she was photographed, videotaped, finger printed and DNA typed.

Jordan Nash being arrested without cause at a Toowoomba community forum

Two weeks later we went to Anna Bligh’s Toowoomba community cabinet forum. Suddenly Detective Adam Hankinson handcuffs me and abducts me in front of my mother on some completely false charges. I was incarcerated at Toowoomba watch house for over 5 hours – despite my complete innocence – before I was released.

I have no idea who sanctioned my torture, our wrongful arrests, false charges and wrongful prosecutions. But I would hope whoever from the top ordered this, does not do so again because in our next YouTube video titled...

Bullied schoolboy and corruption victim found not guilty video 3, you can see the human face of some cops who look actually as if they are sick and tired of being ordered to falsely arrest me.

Read David Donovan's investigation into the Queensland Government mistreatment of Jordan and Jennifer Nash in Independent Australia:

The YouTube channel has more information on the Nash's long fight for justice.

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School bullying victim speaks out - media silent

School bullying victim Jordan Nash made a moving speech at a recent Courier Mail ...  
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