The 'Turn-Pull' phenomenon

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Turnbull with a collection of his female MPs. (Image via @turnbullmalcolm)

Whereas Abbott got women hopping mad, our new PM is making women mad for him. Sabrina Katerelos investigates the "Turn-pull" phenomenon whilst secretly praying we're spared seeing him, dripping wet, in budgie smugglers.

THE TOPPLING and reordering of the hierarchy inside the Liberal Party has given birth to a new age — a new breed of silver-haired, affluent, even literate Prime Minister.

It's really no wonder, especially given the flood of leaders in the past five years that women nationwide are swooning over the new PM, being particularly vocal on social media, Twitter being the perfect avenue for expressing their adoration, despite its 140 character limit.

Ironically, our last Prime Minister was just making women mad. Now, our new leader is making women mad for him!

The more Malcolm's fans see of him and the closer they become, the more he will attract his fans. Gravity works in funny ways, the closer you are to something the easier it is to be pulled further into its gravitational pull, or rather, in this case "Turn-pull". As the fictitious cannibal, Hannibal Lecter did say, "We covet what we see", although he may not be the best person, fictional or real to learn life lessons from.

If any more proof is needed to confirm how much Turnbull's looks improve his stance with the public, all you need to do is take a glance at his approval rating, especially compared to the Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, who in comparison to Turnbull, looks like the love child of an alien and a constipated penguin. Mind, there is something to be said about the brooding look he has about him. A look that just screams "I think I left my house unlocked, but I really can't remember." 

In fact, the October Ipsos-Fairfax poll demonstrates just how much more popular Turnbull is than Shorten (whether caused by his appearance or not), with the Coalition powering ahead in this poll at 53-47. This marks the first time since more than a year ago, March 2014, in fact, that Labor have not been ahead in the polls.

It does sound rather hypocritical, however, to judge one of the most powerful men in the country solely on appearance, seeing as though if men were to go crazy over a senior female politician, feminists and many women left, right and centre would be chastising them before they even opened their mouths.

Fawning over an unattainable leader may not be the wisest of decisions, though undoubtedly better than taking to the portal of supposed anonymity that is social media to express those opinions.
With their collective hearts set aflutter, women on Twitter have been referring to Turnbull as "daddy" and even some columnists have joined in, indulging the notion, if only for their online quizzes or columns about it.


The vulgarity and taste that these tweets blatantly lack is hardly surprising. Calling a suave-looking politician "daddy" may appear quite tame compared to other things out there in the big, bad world, but in a lot of these cases the women referring to Turnbull this way are teenagers, most just out of school. That makes the PM about three times their age. No matter what the age gap, though, is this okay?

Frankly it's quite sickening to think that a minority of this generation are ogling someone who should be admired, revered, not objectified for his appearance.

Then again, it may not just be Prime Minister Turnbull's "smouldering" looks that have him raking in attention from a nation worth of ladies. For example, it could be the leather jacket he sported for a while, that made a guest appearance on Q&A, which was evidently more talked about than Turnbull's appearance on the show. Or more likely, it is Malcolm's wealth that is so alluring.

As Turnbull said last week, when Labor attempted to frame him in a smear campaign, for his investments in the tax haven of the Cayman Islands"

 "If the honourable member wants to go around wearing a sandwich board saying 'Malcolm Turnbull's got a lot of money', feel free. I think people know that."  

And if they didn't know then, they sure do now.

Turnbull, who had his 61st birthday last Saturday, may indeed be a chick magnet, at least by the means of having considerably more female MPs than his predecessor, but hopefully we shall at least be spared of soaking wet pictures of him in budgie smugglers, though with the way some people are reacting to our new silver-fox of a leader, it can only be a reverent prayer.

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The 'Turn-Pull' phenomenon

Whereas Abbott got women hopping mad, our new PM is making women mad for him. ...  
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