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Governments must address homelessness as suicide risk also rises
In the last few years, Western Australia’s eviction toll has increased but the political will to support the vulnerable, to keep families housed, is lacking.
Think for Yourself: Concentration Camps
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ignited a firestorm by comparing the migrant detention facilities on the U.S. southern border to concentration camps. Might AOC might be right?

Lies, damned lies and tax cuts statistics
Former Head of Finance Michael Keating debunks an SMH article that suggests the Morrison Government’s $158 billion tax plan must be passed in full.
Fukushima, the 'nuclear renaissance' and the Morrison Government
Despite the death of the “nuclear renaissance” following Fukushima, the nuclear corporations and ill-informed Morrison Government will not accept defeat.
Inquiry to reveal koala extinction truth
A new Inquiry into the future of the koala is likely to uncover the Berejiklian Government's history of negligence, mismanagement and refusal to listen to the experts.
Why Ken Wyatt's appointment is not a victory for Indigenous Australians
Many hope an Indigenous person in the Ministry for Indigenous Australians will be an advocate, but the opposite may be true, writes Celeste Liddle.
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