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VIDEO: Bloody Idiot of the Week — Episode 04: The Reynolds' defence
It's Bloody Idiot time again and this week offers a stunning array of contenders.
Morrison's expedient condemnation of Christchurch terror attack
That Morrison now describes Muslims he has spent eight years destroying as our “family” should arouse in us a visceral horror.

A light amid the perils of climate change: Greta Thunberg
She’s just turned 16 and is already a world leader with more statesperson-like qualities, clear-eyed goals, plain speaking and sheer guts than almost any national head of today or recent history. 
America's cut to aid in Palestine promises greater regional instability
At the moment, the Palestinian people need global support. Cutting funding is not the answer to resolving its problems.
The death of competition?
Are we approaching a new economic period where competition is but a distant memory, replaced by monopolies and concentrated business power?
One week of warfare, yet Brexit unresolved
The British Parliament has ended a week of important votes on leaving Europe with the battle lines more clear but still stuck in a stand-off.
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