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EDITORIAL: Sketchy GC Mayor Tom Tate lies — local Murdoch rag covers it up
Gold Coast developer mayor Tom Tate has brazenly lied about his longstanding business relationship with alleged fraudster Frank Kovacevic — and the local News Corp scandal sheet has let him get away with it.
Scott Morrison's Australia Day farce
Morrison’s attempt to upgrade 26 January's national significance reflects its appropriation by right-wing extremists.

What is political bias?
Having been accused of political bias, John Lord examines how deeply this concept is ingrained in our news media.
Leave the Matildas alone
Media editor Dr Lee Duffield wonders about the dumping of the Matildas’ team coach just ahead of their World Cup campaign.
Trump's America: Prison time for compassion
Four women are facing possible prison time for leaving jugs of water and canned food in the Arizona desert for migrants.
The challenges of overpopulation
The challenges of a stressed Earth go beyond the rhetoric of both capitalism and socialism.
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