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Trump versus the Democratic 'squad': A battle for America's soul
Dr Martin Hirst on the recently-sparked contest between Trump and his followers, and a new brand of strong congresswomen of colour. 
Intervene: How the Government can secure media diversity
We can have a stronger, more varied media if the Government legislates to prevent further takeovers and mergers, writes Ross Thorley.

Christianity, intolerance and Christopher Pearson
Christianity has a track record of marginalising people for illegitimate reasons, writes Melvin Fechner.
Not so progressive: Labor's puzzling local council proposal
Australia’s "most progressive" State Government is championing the most regressive electoral reform from Labor in decades, writes Devon Rowcliffe.
Frydenberg & Dutton skate on s44 thin ice — pursued by pensioner on electric bike
Ross Jones outlines just how much trouble pensioners can cause our federal parliamentarians, particularly IA contributor Tony Magrathea.
Barbarians at the gate: Don’t let them destroy Murray Valley National Park
John Barilaro intends removing statutory protections of the 42,000 hectare Murray Valley National Park to allow logging, writes Laurie Patton. 
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