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An unhelpful ideological comparison between FttH and anti-vaxxers
On a recent podcast, Steve Baxter compared people in favour of a fibre-based NBN with anti-vaxxers. Paul Budde disagrees.
The price of not paying attention: Five ministers we cannot afford
The Morrison Government, whose only motivation appears to be getting elected and maintaining the status quo, can do a lot of damage in another three years.

Labor and the 'climate change election'
We were told time and time again throughout the recent Federal Election campaign that this was the "climate change election".
Election 2019: Post mortems reveal what happened is no mystery
Big swings speak loud and clear. Lee Duffield checked out the queues of voters in the swing seat of Herbert.
Meet invisible Environment Minister Melissa Price
Melissa Price seems set to continue as the Minister for Environment in name only.
The Coalition's politics of fear a tried and true election recipe
The politics of fear and division was a successful tactic by Menzies, which has now been effectively recycled.
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