Chris Mordd Richards

  • Chris Mordd Richards is an independent freelance journalist in Canberra and the owner/editor of Mordd IndyMedia. He is also a Freelance Professional member of the MEAA and is insured against public liability and professional indemnity claims via that membership.

    Chris is currently a first year journalism student studying a Bachelor of Journalism part time at the University of Canberra, commenced in 2017, and already writing and reporting as often as he can for the love and experience of it while he studies at UC.

    Chris' particular fields of interest to write about are: Local and Federal Politics; Social Justice and/or Activist causes; Information Technology and Social Media; and Investigative Journalism. Chris records and edits his own video/audio [Mordd IndyMedia on Youtube]; and currently interns for Independent Australia in the Canberra Press Gallery as their cameraman and video editor, so far in May and June 2017.

    Chris grew up in, and has lived in Canberra now for over 25 of his 35 years.

    His personal motto is:

    In a world of fake news and alternative facts, the media is under daily attack. I pledge to be part of the solution, not the problem. I pledge to adhere to the MEAA Journalistic Code of Ethics at all times.

    Chris is a moderate left wing voter, ACT Greens member since July 2016 and current lifetime volunteer for the Australian Greens. Chris’ personal life story strongly informs his writing and he plans to write about topics he knows well as appropriate during his writing career to come, to highlight important social issues.

    Chris started out a homeless street kid at 16, came out as bisexual at the same age and has remained out and proud since, although he prefers the term pansexual these days. To date he has already written in part about his current life working and studying while living in public housing in the ACT, as well being interviewed on what life is like living with bipolar disorder and growing up a homeless youth.

    Having just recently been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, which is on the autism spectrum, Chris plans to write about what life is like being autistic and going 35 years before discovering that in the near future.

    An unabashed massive fan of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, Chris’ dream is to one day help bring to fruition an Australian version inspired by John’s masterful blend of serious news reporting and satirical comedy. While the traditional media industry is reforming itself around us every day, Chris looks forward to being part of the future of digital journalism, and strongly supports the role of small and independent media outlets in the current and future media landscape.

    You can follow Chris on Twitter @Mordd_IndyMedia

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