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You might also rebel if you were Peter Dutton's kid

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Peter Dutton's son has stirred controversy over a Snapchat post displaying a bag of white powder (Images via YouTube)

After the son of Opposition Leader Peter Dutton caused a stir in a social media post holding something resembling drugs, we're left wondering if anyone can blame the lad for rebelling. Duade Borg writes.

IT'S EASY to imagine News Corp giving perpetually-aggrieved-paper-thin-hypersensitive-millionaire-property-developer Potato Dunnuttin' the heads up about this last week.

Trying to get ahead of this bombshell would explain the premature brain ejaculation that was the Coalition's nuclear announcement last week.

Half-baked is an inaccurate overestimation. Rushed out without detail and roundly criticised, an under pressure Dutton was lashing out at journalists by the weekend.

The News Corpse Political Party threw everything and the kitchen sink behind the Coalition's nuclear aspirations but the conversation was essentially dead in the water less than a week on.

Oh well, you had your chance, said News. Time to get the bats out.

Not even close

Youth and coming of age is a time to explore and experiment. I was quite a troublemaker when I was Tom Dutton's age.

Getting stung with a bag of white powder would be the least of it.

But I consider this a subtle confirmation of what I long thought to be true: Peter Dutton is such an arsehole because his kids hate him.

Can you imagine being that man's son? A backwards man, roundly described as a thug and a bully. A denialist attempting to camouflage amongst those with earnest intentions. An ugly man inside and out who refused to participate in a symbolic gesture of reconciliation in 2007 and actively campaigned for racism in 2023. A dark personality finding humour in the suffering of others and absolutely being prepared to cause harm to Australians in order to further his agenda.

The poor kid's got no eyebrows to look forward to in the future!

One can certainly understand why Tom would want to blow off some steam. Good on him and everyone should leave him alone. He gets enough shit for being Peter Dutton's son, no doubt.

If anything, I think this just confirms that Peter Dutton's kids are legends and they hate him.

Angry and aggrieved

Peter Dutton rails against “woke this” and “Left that” constantly. He's an angry man barely able to hide his fury when under pressure.

It's not far-fetched to imagine some of his motivations coming from animosity over his children not sharing his warped, backward version of reality.

Dutton, ever the authoritarian, has likely created enmity in his relationships with his children.

Drugs and policy

I think all drugs should be decriminalised and many should be made legal.

Decriminalisation helps drug addicts when they're at their lowest by removing the barrier of fear of prosecution which makes it easier for them to ask for help.

Pharmaceutical-grade recreational drugs are much safer than any black-market product.

My view is that adults should be allowed to do what they want to their bodies as long as they aren't harming others and preferably not themselves.

Duade Borg is seeking election as an Independent in QLD. His passion is social justice. You can follow Duade on X @DuadeBorg.

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