The perfect storm consuming PM Abbott

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Tony Abbott is in a perfect storm of bad confluent events that may, in the next few weeks, do for him.

Starving women and children on the high seas are begging for his help; he is telling them to come in the "front door", though for Rohingyas, who are citizens of no country, there is no such thing.

His confessor, George Pell, has been shown to have been the direct cause of several suicides and Abbott has said he has "answered those questions". He has in the past defended paedophile-protector Peter Hollingworth and paedophile John Nestor and has not apologised for these errors of judgment to the traumatised and the deceased. Employees of his minister, Morrison, have been shown to have concealed paedophile rape and he has arrested none of them and called any mention of it a "Labor-Green witch-hunt".

He has committed $26 billion to a dodgy fighter-bomber that so far cannot fly and by the time it is delivered will be obsolete. He is considering a Japanese submarine that, in the age of drones, will be of no use to anyone. He has doubled the deficit and ruled out addressing the cause of it — tax-free superannuation incomes, tax-free churches and tax-dodging global companies who take our money overseas. He has joined Hockey’s "war on breastfeeding", calling nursing mothers "double dippers" and "rorters".

He is refusing to free up the vote on gay marriage, though Ireland, today, will embrace it. He is refusing to abandon Pyne’s $100,000 degrees. He will, if re-elected, abandon the "schoolkids money" and cost some families $2,000 a year. He has cut the money that would, if it had been better targeted two years ago, have saved Luke Batty’s life. He has, by his cuts, made probable the ethnic cleansing of 150 Aboriginal communities in Western Australia. He is refusing to take back repentant ISIS volunteers, though they would help wonderfully his campaign to "deradicalise" disaffected Muslim adolescents. He has said they will get 25 years if they come back, and has invited them to stay and be decapitated or crucified by DAISH.

On top of this – or because of it perhaps – he is showing signs of mental instability. His latest "drown the children" policy – refusing even temporary sanctuary for those foundlings of the sea, those frantic fugitive people who, like the Israelites of Moses’ time and the Jews of Nazi Germany, have no civil rights in their own country, and his assertion that it would be ‘irresponsible’ to save them, though a United Nations law of the sea obliges him to – indicates a decaying mind, and the dementia pugilistica theory of his recent posture, gait and verbal error is no longer a joke. There is a kind of tornado storming through his mind that might, in a while, consume him.

A perfect storm.

It is to be hoped he will be displaced before then. He is a danger to himself and his nation.

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