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The Coalition is no longer fit for purpose

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It's time to put the Coalition out with the trash where it belongs (Screenshot via YouTube)

If Liberal-National Party voters have a skerrick of integrity left they should assist the rest of Australia in ushering this Government out the back door, in a landslide.

The Coalition Government’s cash splash Budget is the final piece of a mountain of evidence that proves Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s team of “deplorables” are incompetent, devious and unfit to lead the nation.

Some Liberal MPs have already had the good grace to be honest with their supporters. Former Liberal MP John Alexander hopes ‘that if Labor’s Anthony Albanese wins the Election, policies more fit to serve the national interest rather than narrow sectional interest might be served’, while Liberal Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells says Morrison is “not fit to be Prime Minister” and, along with his cronies, has already “destroyed the Liberal Party in NSW”.

In National Party ranks, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, in a moment of lucidity and honesty, called Scott Morrison “a hypocrite and a liar” and stated that he had “never trusted him” and disliked “how he earnestly rearranges the truth to a lie”.

A government, without integrity, that has outsourced, privatised, downsized and dismantled itself to the point of incapacity is not the way forward for Australia. Rusted on Liberals and dyed-in-the-wool Nationals know Morrison’s plan for re-election is not a plan for the future of Australia. After a decade of watching their party do untold damage to the nation, it’s time for Coalition Party members to change teams.

In short, the Coalition no longer represents its followers.

The party of Robert Menzies is only paying lip service to farming and business interests and cares even less for retirees and pensioners, other than to scare them into voting for the same old inaction. Those in need are brutally pushed below the poverty line, those in the middle bribed with one-off sweeteners, while his personal profit sponsors – the truly rich – get the keys to the Treasury.

Morrison has sold Australia’s future to Won’t-Do-Capitalists who represent narrow self-interest and have been quietly emptying the Treasury for a decade. They are leeches on society, not fit for purpose. All voters need to pull their heads out of the coal mine, or wherever else they have stuck them, and vote with integrity. Changing political teams after generations of loyalty is not easy for some but has become critical to Australia’s continued development.

Scotty is not recyclable, no matter how many bribes he offers. He can’t be trusted and doesn’t have a plan beyond getting re-elected. I hear MP Philip Ruddock's Hornsby Shire Council has threatened not to collect the rubbish of residents with anti-Scott Morrison stickers on their bins. Voters should demand they “pick up Scotty” and get rid of him now.

Too many lies. Too many wasted opportunities. Too much self-interest and too little integrity have left the Federal Government unable to respond to the challenges of the future and the natural calamities that surround us. Only a landslide will clear the deck for a fairer Australia that we can be proud of. We simply must dismiss this pathetic PM whose leadership is founded on bribes, fear and smear campaigns.

In dystopian scenes, pre-selection candidates are now strangling each other in hand-to-hand combat in the Liberal trenches. Consequently, as the candidates malfunction and plop into puddles, a wave of fear and revulsion is running through the ranks of Liberal voters. Despite a decade of rule, mountains of grants and jobs for the boys, disenfranchised Liberals at a local level are starting to notice that this party of self-interest no longer represents their interests.

As the PM prepares to pull the ripcord on the Federal Election, the sky is full of deplorables, backgrounders, liars, underminers and Liberal acolytes parachuting into NSW electorates.

I offer guidelines for voters who want competent MPs:

  1. Don’t give them another ago if they’ve already had a go and stuffed it up.
  2. If they chant “debt and deficit”, that’s what they’re offering you.
  3. Beware politicians set on using your money to build their own future.
  4. Vote to stop the rorts and corruption, not to stop refugees and starve the unemployed.
  5. If they say they “never lied”, they’re liars of the worst sort.
  6. If they say, “I have always acted with the highest integrity”, follow the money.
  7. Back in black” is not a movie and means a sea of red is coming your way.
  8. If your MP holidays overseas during an emergency, never let him/her back into the country.
  9. Stop pre-selecting idiots, bigots, frauds, climate deniers and factional operatives.
  10. The Parliament is not a circus — stop electing clowns.

So, Liberal stalwarts, with your representatives about to go out into the electorates peddling the pork, it’s time for you to act. MPs with a proven capacity to outsource, privatise, downsize and deny responsibility for government need to be stopped at the door, denied access to your babies and then thrown out at the ballot box.

Tradies — don’t let them touch your tools. Hairdressers — no more laying on of hands. Defence personnel — don’t be fooled by the camouflage, he can’t drive a tank. Firies — you already know what he can’t do. And don’t expect a fleet of Australian firefighting planes either.

As dyed-in-the-wool Nationals escape the coal mines, Barnaby addicts give up the drink and frightened Liberals colour themselves teal trying to avoid the consequences of their own inaction and the Election countdown begins, a final warning.

All voters need to be alerted to the danger of an oversized politician in freefall. The landing is bound to be messy and, as usual, someone else will be left to clean up.

The accidental PM is an unguided missile. When he implodes and his house of lies collapses, very few of his enablers (ministers) will survive with reputations intact. Even “teal” backbenchers like MP Dave Sharma who vote one way and claim to think the other should be collateral damage.

So, cash in your party card, take cover, vote for a party that has a plan for the nation’s future and actually gives a stuff. Personally, I’m waiting for Albo.

Geoffrey Dyer is a retired teacher with 41 years of experience in the classroom. Subjects taught include English, Modern and Ancient History, Society and Culture, Aboriginal Studies.

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