The Jacksonville ticket suffers a blow in the HSU elections, with the reforming Cleansweep team of Craig McGregor living up to its name. Peter Wicks reports.

New secretary of the HSU Number 3 branch, Craig McGregor.

Today members can celebrate the news that in the elections for union officials at HSU Number 3 branch, the "Cleansweep" team have lived up to their name and been swept into every single position within the branch.

That means that Jacksonville resident Fleur Behrens has been defeated in every position, and with that the hopes of the Jackson faction there.

The Number 3 Branch, which has come close to bankruptcy whilst under the control of the darling of the shock-jocks Kathy Jackson, has now had her influence completely removed.

Craig and the Cleansweepers (which sounds like a band name I know) ran an excellent campaign.

Their campaign highlighted the need to turn over a new leaf and start afresh. They have promised to make the HSU a union that is once again in the hands of the members, rather than under the influence of malign influences.

Those elected are as follows:

Craig McGregor – Secretary

Geraldine Brooks – President

Andrew Hewat – Assistant Secretary

Those in Victoria now need to ensure that none of Marco Bolano’s team are elected for HSU Number 2 branch, and the disease that has plagued your union for so long will be eliminated once and for all.

We are now awaiting the results in the NSW Branch, which at last count lean heavily in favour of the Gerard Hayes Our HSU team.

Counting resumes tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned here tomorrow for the complete news on the HSU elections so far.

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