Who says Independent news websites can’t break massive ground-breaking stories?

Tess Lawrence

This week, Tess Lawrence’s Independent Australia exclusive expose on Julian Assange and Interpol has reverberated around the world and created a massive buzz. IA has been inundated with hits and the story has been syndicated internationally.

[Read Lawrence’s shocking report by clicking here.]

Major US whistle-blowing website, Truth out ( www.Truth-out.org)  picked up the story on Wednesday and since it has been one of the most popular stories on the site. It has also been linked by The University of Paris, AmpedStatus.com, innumerable Julian Assange fan websites and a host of other fascinated readers.

[Read the story on Truth out by clicking here.]

The story has been Facebook recommended well over 500 times and Tweeted over 250 times, including by WikiLeaks itself and Bianca Jagger!

And the term “political fellatio” coined by Tess Lawrence in the piece has even entered local parlance, being used by City of Yarra Councillor Stephen Jolley to describe Julia Gillard yesterday on the Jon Faine show.

If you want to listen to experienced Melbourne journalist, columnist and broadcaster Tess Lawrence speak about this issue, tune into Radio 2ST with Murray Peters just after 11am Monday 14 March AEDST.

Murray Peters show is broadcast live over the internet: http://www.2st.com.au/streaming.html  

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