Fred Nile makes NSW MPs swear to the Queen

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The “Reverend” Fred Nile has introduced a bill into the NSW Parliament to restore the oath of allegiance to the Queen, and not the NSW people. Senior correspondent Barry Everingham comments.

The Parliament of NSW is on the verge of slipping  back to the Dark Ages — at the behest of one that state’s most virulent Right Wing homophobes the “Reverend” Fred Nile.

Nile has introduced the Oath of Allegiance Bill to the Parliament’s Upper House, and it is likely to get through.

But the Bible bashing loudmouth has included an escape clause in the Bill — MP’s can opt not to make the Oath.

Fred Nile is not taken seriously by mainstream Australia — any more than is the Mickey Mouse outfit he heads, which goes under the unlikely name of the Christian Democratic Party and whose membership is made up of a few men and some dogs.

It is neither Christian, nor democratic, and its policies, along with Nile’s incessant ramblings, are a downright disgrace.

But – and please fasten seatbelts – guess who claps the loudest for this last century nonentity – you got it one; our old friend Professor David Flint, who loudly proclaimed he and his new baby sidekick Jai Martinkovits were mentioned by the Upper House president as being in the Gallery when Nile brought down his Bill.

Nile doesn’t save his spleen for gays (and as we all know anyone who is obsessed by denigrating homosexuals has usually had a “nasty" experience as child — come on Fred, let us in on the secret mate), he has it in for Muslims, he’s a climate change sceptic and he’s against people getting it off in legal brothels.

Fred wants them closed.

And he tut tuts about the House of Commons “extreme” anti- discrimination  laws against  gays.

He got his nickers in a very big knot when a magistrate acquitted a 14 year old lad on robbery and stabbing charges — Fred in his ever so Christian the way wanted the boy charged and jailed as an adult.

Fred is all over the place – he has criticised the decision of Penny Wong and her partner to have a baby. As though it is any of his business; where is the guy coming from?

And one of his cohorts in the Upper House, Paul Green, actually said he was grateful for having the opportunity of – wait for it – serving Jesus Christ in the Parliament.

Silly old me – here I was thinking MP’s served the people of their electorates!

Back to Fred’s Bill — he’s  in bed with Flint  and Jai (oops, wrong analogy — sorry boys) as far as the monarchy goes and actually sees merit in the swearing of allegiance to the Queen, upon whose death the “Australian monarchy” with go with her.

Along with Flint, Nile does the cause of a republic great favour.

I have no truck with Flint, whom I regard as being even more despicable than I had originally given him credit for.

But for him to hitch his wagon to Nile’s star is an act of madness and I can only assume that as Flint goes into paroxysms of joy at the mention of Niles’ name he actually agrees with the “reverends” anti-Christian stance on everything.

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