Dutton descends further into madness with his 'renditions'

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(Artwork by John Graham / @JohnGrahamArt)

Dutton descends further into madness as he turns his sights to New Zealanders, first banning a decorated war hero and now rendering Christmas Island inmates to stop them telling police why they burnt and smashed the place up following Fazel Chegeni's death. Bob Ellis is not impressed. 

DUTTON'S CHANGES to the laws that govern humanity continue. He’s banned from this country a war hero with medals from Afghanistan who guarded for a time the New Zealand Prime Minister.

He’s "rendered" various New Zealand insurgent arsonists on Christmas Island to Western Australia, Curtin, the Kimberleys, to stop them telling local police why they burnt and smashed the place up and how Fazel Chegeni died, and what weapons were used to subdue them.

He’s refused himself to enquire into Chegeni’s death, though the word "escaped" suggests he was murdered, or to say why he, a genuine refugee accepted by Australia, was imprisoned, "rendered" to Christmas Island, untreated after suicide attempts and why he was not let simply settle here, as a Kurd persecuted and tortured and threatened by ISIS, whom we are currently bombing.

The law seems lately something Dutton shapes like plasticine, along lines of his bizarre desire. If these Kiwi prisoners committed arson, they should be tried for it locally, not moved three thousand miles from the scene of the crime uncharged.

If Chegeni died while fleeing Serco hoons, falling over a cliff, or if they pushed him, or if he suicided, we should hear of it.

"No suspicious circumstances" (who says there were none?) does not, as a statement, cover it. It’s suspicious he, an accepted refugee, was locked up in the first place. It’s suspicious he, a serial suicide attempter, was not treated.

And apparently the war hero was deemed an unsuitable tourist because he visited a friend, who was a bikie, in gaol. Would English friends who visited Alan Bond in gaol be so treated? Or New Zealand friends who visited Lindy Chamberlain?

It is reasonably clear from this, and his "road to Damascus" utterance, and his profession of sympathy for needy Syrian children, that Dutton is cracking up, and needs psychiatric assessment, prior to his arraignment in The Hague for piracy, kidnap, child abuse, people smuggling and rest of it.

He is not well in his mind.

More of John Graham's artwork can be found for purchase on the IA store.  You can also follow him on Facebook: John Graham Cartoons & Caricatures or on Twitter @JohnGrahamArt.

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