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The Opposition will claim it’s won the day.

It hasn’t.

The Gillard Government, unlike Captain Catholic, wasn’t prepared any longer to allow asylum seekers to perish, while the out that control thug who runs the Opposition sat back and didn’t give a fig about the drowning men women and children, while they can make political capital out of the situation.

What kind of Christian is Abbott and does he take his orders from Cardinal Pell on these matters?

Both men must provide an answer.

Just who does Abbott really thing he is?

This guy, who is on record saying he’d sell his arse to become Prime Minister, wasn’t trusted by any of the Independents — yet he’s demanding this, that and the other from the Prime Minister who just happens to have the numbers to govern this country.

So, to save helpless human beings from drowning, which has excited Abbott beyond any normal sense of compassion, the Gillard Government has given Abbott what he wants.

His Nauru “solution” will ensure that asylum seekers who end up on that God-forsaken bankrupt island will be fast tracked into Australia or New Zealand anyway.

And when this gets around Indonesia, that corrupt haven for bastards selling places on leaking boats, there’ll be long queues of asylum seeks looking for that fast track their hapless predecessors were denied by Captain Catholic himself.

In a peace offering by Immigration Minister  Bowen – a man of integrity and compassion – it seems the Malaysian solution is not quite over, but for the time being we have in the political spectrum some men and women who have feelings for their fellow humans.

There are many in the Opposition who must be seething with embarrassment at Abbott’s cruelty, especially on the eve of the most important event on the Christian calendar.

But wait.

The asylum seeks aren’t Christians, are they Tony — so who cares?

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