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Assange release signals potency of quiet diplomacy

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After years incarcerated in Belmarsh Prison, Julian Assange is finally tasting freedom (Screenshot via YouTube)

The release of Julian Assange is a diplomatic victory for the Labor Government and provides a chance for Australia to step away from U.S. hegemony, writes Duade Borg.

WIKILEAKS FOUNDER Julian Assange has been released under a plea deal with the U.S. Justice Department. He has boarded a plane and will soon return to Australia, where no doubt a hero's welcome awaits him.

Relief on Labor's left flank

As I anticipated over the last couple of months, Julian's release was seemingly imminent given the diplomatic rigour with which this Labor Government has approached international relations.

The U.S. is a transactional player on the world stage — “You scratch our back, we'll scratch yours.” I do not doubt that former PM Scott Morrison was in Donald Trump's ear about the power that could be wielded against a compassionate future Australian government that sought Julian's release.

Assange's case was a political football for the U.S. bootlickers in parliament including Julia Gillard and the Coalition. And it was weaponised by the Biden Administration to buy our government's silence on Israel and Gaza.

Julian was a trump card they held in their back pocket for over a decade to extract a price.

I realised this dynamic about a month ago and decided that I couldn't in good faith continue to attack the Government over inaction on Gaza when it was almost certain that it was engaged in diplomacy to secure Assange's release.

I want to be a parliamentarian, I want to be a politician — but I don't want to be a political opportunist, scoring points for the sake of it.

The Greens were signalling to their base Labor's failings on this issue and I simply found it dishonest and unhelpful. With this realisation, I decided to relent on my attacks on the Government's inactions in the Israel/Gaza genocide, giving it what I considered the absolute longest acceptable time frame I could imagine it needing: til Christmas.

I'm absolutely overjoyed today with the news that it happened six months earlier than I anticipated.

Julian's release brings to a close over a decade-long saga that should never have happened and probably wouldn't have happened if notorious Zionist shill and U.S. sycophant Julia Gillard hadn't been shamelessly selling out Australia to Israel and the U.S.

I must admit, I was hoodwinked by Gillard. I was too young, too ignorant and too starry-eyed.

While Gillard turned out to be an extremely successful parliamentarian, her legacy is overshadowed by her foreign allegiance.

A victory for the Left

This is an exceptionally significant diplomatic victory for the Left, especially for PM Anthony Albanese and Foreign Minister Penny Wong.

Their deft handling of U.S. and China diplomacy has Australia back on an upward trajectory and the reality on the ground is getting better for ordinary Aussies.

China relations thawing have opened up a boon of economic opportunities and securing Julian's release will see an uptick of national morale.

This has all been made possible by a nominally Left-wing Labor Government operating from the centre-Right.

Albanese and Wong deserve the credit for steering this ship through after all this time.

Labor's voice returning?

I don't think we're going to see Albanese or Wong bite the hand that feeds.

I expect they will continue the quiet diplomacy when pressing on issues of Israel/Palestine.

The fact is that the U.S. will engage in regime change at the drop of a hat which makes it very difficult for an Australian government to act in the interests of the battler over the Yanks.

The only way we can change that is through voting at successive elections and getting like-minded people elected.

Vote Independent

Australia first. Nationalise resources whose wealth goes to corporate America. Cease AUKUS.

No Australian government alone can stand up to the behemoth that is U.S. corporate fascistic imperial doctrine, but all Australians can.

We need representatives who won't sell Australia off to the Yanks, who will not allow your children to be sent to die in a U.S. war with China designed to prop up their failing economy in the 2030s.

Through diplomacy and mutual respect, Australia is the one power in the world that is placed in a position where we can actually prevent the apocalyptic nuclear war that the U.S. seems intent on having with China.

Duade Borg is seeking election as an Independent in QLD. His passion is social justice. You can follow Duade on X @DuadeBorg.

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