People with disabilities marginalised in politics and wider society

Diversity in Australia’s federal and state parliaments has been a hot topic for debate in recent ...  
Disability advocates condemn neglect of chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers

The Australian medical community is ignoring research and promoting outdated information in the ...  
Scott Morrison is out of touch with his feminine side

Scotty from Marketing can’t recognise the inequality, bias and dangers that women face.  
Sickness of racism still alive in Western culture

The problem of racism has roots throughout history and is sadly still alive in Western culture and ...  
Harmony Day airbrushes Australia's racist ideologies

Harmony Day continues to be a day of tokenism, as Australia has whitewashed the International Day ...  
Religious discrimination bill set aside, win for human rights

Thank God, the Religious Discrimination Bill is done for.   
Women's efforts to stop men's violence are failing

More needs to be done in stopping men from acting out violence against women, rather than focusing ...  
Let our heroic women be voices for change

The imbalance of power between men and women has been placed squarely in the spotlight over the ...  
Dud UK-based media index lauds News Corp and bashes ABC, SBS and IA

The efforts of a self-appointed ratings agency have shown how you need to be careful in the tricky ...  
Frydenberg vs Staindl: Being bankrupted for asking local MP questions

Michael Staindl gives his side of the story on his decision to question whether Josh Frydenberg ...  
No peace for Muslims in Morrison's Australia

Australia's Muslim community has endured much vilification over the years, continued in Scott ...  
KERRYN PHELPS: Religious Discrimination Bill a ham-fisted display of bigotry

It has taken some time for me to process how I felt after the past week in Australian politics.  
FLASHBACK 2019: Scott Morrison's religious freedom is damning the nation

Scott Morrison's fixation with getting the Religious Freedom Bill passed has blinded him to more ...  
The men have spoken, now it's time for action

Following the parliamentary apology towards survivors of sexual abuse, it's time for real change ...  
Morrison's misogyny continues despite apology

Despite his apology, Scott Morrison has not changed and continues to behave in the same toxic and ...  
Morrison's Religious Discrimination Bill is a huge step back

Scott Morrison's controversial Religious Discrimination Bill is a huge step backward for human ...  
Scott’s religious devotion sacrifices sex abuse survivors…plus all non-god botherers

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's Religious Discrimination Bill comes at great cost, writes managing ...  
Australia Day: Flag 'freed', date still in chains

The fact we celebrate Australia Day each year on this date, January 26, is a glaring example of ...  
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