Religious discrimination bill set aside, win for human rights

Thank God, the Religious Discrimination Bill is done for.   
The perils of politicians praying in public

Concerns are increasingly being raised about the religious faith of senior Australian politicia ...  
No peace for Muslims in Morrison's Australia

Australia's Muslim community has endured much vilification over the years, continued in Scott ...  
Morrison's cruelty must come to an end

Capturing and accurately articulating the oafish, offhand, casual brutality of the current Aust ...  
Morrison plays the blame game over Religious Bill defeat

After his Religious Discrimination Bill was defeated, Scott Morrison has taken a path of self-pity ...  
KERRYN PHELPS: Religious Discrimination Bill a ham-fisted display of bigotry

It has taken some time for me to process how I felt after the past week in Australian politics.  
FLASHBACK 2019: Scott Morrison's religious freedom is damning the nation

Scott Morrison's fixation with getting the Religious Freedom Bill passed has blinded him to more ...  
Morrison's Religious Discrimination Bill is a huge step back

Scott Morrison's controversial Religious Discrimination Bill is a huge step backward for human ...  
Scott’s religious devotion sacrifices sex abuse survivors…plus all non-god botherers

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's Religious Discrimination Bill comes at great cost, writes managing ...  
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EDITORIAL: Scott’s religious devotion sacrifices sex abuse survivors … plus all non-god botherers

Since rolling Malcolm Turnbull (accidentally on purpose) to take over as PM, Scott Morrison has ...  
Cashing in on Christ — The Eyes of Tammy Faye

With church scandals still making headlines, a new film depicting the life of Tammy Faye Bakker ...  
Rock-and-roll nun Sister Janet Mead remembered

Great humanitarian and unlikely rock star Sister Janet Mead has died of cancer, aged 83.  
#9 TOP IA STORY OF 2021: Morrison's religious fundamentalism is railroading democracy

Scott Morrison's religious fundamentalism is a potential danger to democracy, as this alarming May ...  
New religious laws set to ban Christmas, divorce, tattoos

Life will soon become like that Monty Python sketch where a bunch of clerics burst in on an ...  
Sexual abuse survival: How one woman's story helped heal another

Dr Jennifer Wilson's own account of sexual abuse survival acknowledges Grace Tame, whose fierce ...  
Flashback 2019: The blatant hypocrisy of Scott Morrison’s Christian faith

Scott Morrison is once again on the warpath against religious discrimination, quoting from the ...  
Religious Freedom Bill is Morrison's re-election strategy

The Morrison Government could use the proposed Religious Freedom Bill as a political weapon ...  
Dominic Perrotett set to prioritise 'family values' during his tenure

Last weekend, hundreds gathered at Sydney’s Town Hall in support of LGBTIQ rights and by ...  
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