Morrison Courts Pentecostal world domination

Scott Morrison is continuing the Pentecostal agenda in Opposition, undermining the system of ...  
Members Exclusive
EDITORIAL: Morrison Courts Pentecostal world domination

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been out and about doing what he does best: spruiking. ...  
The Seven Mountains of control — a threat to democracy

The Pentecostal Church's Seven Mountains Mandate is an affront to democracy and a danger to ...  
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AUDIO: David Donovan interview on Morrison's Pentecostal politics

IA founder David Donovan was interviewed by David Barr about the lack of secularism in Australian ...  
Morrison and the secret Pentecostal plan for world domination

Let me tell you about the most brazen assault on Australia’s secular democracy you have probably ...  
Aged care child rape scandal spreads to Uniting Church

The Uniting Church – like the Anglican Church – has been using its taxpayer-funded aged care ...  
The Republic, Easter and the decline of religious devotion in Australia

Australian Republicans are stirring back to life again.   
Anglican Church uses aged care funds to cover child abuse bill

The Anglican Church is using millions of dollars for aged care services to cover historic child ...  
Religious discrimination bill set aside, win for human rights

Thank God, the Religious Discrimination Bill is done for.   
The perils of politicians praying in public

Concerns are increasingly being raised about the religious faith of senior Australian politicia ...  
No peace for Muslims in Morrison's Australia

Australia's Muslim community has endured much vilification over the years, continued in Scott ...  
Morrison's cruelty must come to an end

Capturing and accurately articulating the oafish, offhand, casual brutality of the current Aust ...  
Morrison plays the blame game over Religious Bill defeat

After his Religious Discrimination Bill was defeated, Scott Morrison has taken a path of self-pity ...  
KERRYN PHELPS: Religious Discrimination Bill a ham-fisted display of bigotry

It has taken some time for me to process how I felt after the past week in Australian politics.  
FLASHBACK 2019: Scott Morrison's religious freedom is damning the nation

Scott Morrison's fixation with getting the Religious Freedom Bill passed has blinded him to more ...  
Morrison's Religious Discrimination Bill is a huge step back

Scott Morrison's controversial Religious Discrimination Bill is a huge step backward for human ...  
Scott’s religious devotion sacrifices sex abuse survivors…plus all non-god botherers

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's Religious Discrimination Bill comes at great cost, writes managing ...  
Members Exclusive
EDITORIAL: Scott’s religious devotion sacrifices sex abuse survivors … plus all non-god botherers

Since rolling Malcolm Turnbull (accidentally on purpose) to take over as PM, Scott Morrison has ...  
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