Peter Wicks: Throwing the book at Kathy Jackson

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Peter Wicks from Wixxyleaks lifts the lid on the latest goings on in Jacksonville, as well as announcing a forthcoming book you can be involved in.

A LOT OF YOU are probably wondering where things are up to with Kathy Jackson and her de facto husband Michael Lawler.

Currently, the pair are awaiting the decision of the Federal Court regarding the $1.4 million dollar case against her that has been filed by the HSU. This decision is expected to be handed down over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, Kathy is living just as one would expect the average person who declares themself bankrupt would be living. Doing it tough living off the fat of the taxpayer via Lawler’s Tony Abbott appointed, taxpayer-funded role at Fair Work Commission that he has taken month after month of sick leave from on his full salary of around $435K. Doing it tough also means having to rough it in a multi-million dollar South Coast property with the sound of the ocean to put he to sleep each night. That mansion belongs to David Rofe QC and was purchased by Michael Lawler on Rofe's behalf after Rofe was diagnosed with dementia and Lawler obtained power of attorney over the dementia sufferer’s estate.

Meanwhile, a stone's throw away the other million-dollar-plus estate that Jackson – the self-imposed bankrupt – owns, which she is attempting to transfer into Lawler’s name to avoid the proceeds of its sale going back to the HSU members (remember them?) and to apparently repay Lawler for his support of her. It would appear that in their relationship moral support has a monetary value associated with it. Some may remember that this was the house that had a fire scare with a mystery blaze appearing from a bin, not unlike the unfortunate burning bush beside Jackson’s NSW ally Katrina Hart's house just as she launched her election campaign.

In regards to the mystery blaze at Jackson’s, there are three trains of thought.

The “Cynic” Theory. This is the theory that the fire was intentionally started and would be used to try to delay the Federal Court matter. In fact, the blaze was used as an attempt the further delay the court case with the Jacksonville team claiming the stress had caused her recent bout of mental illness, for which she checked herself into a luxury facility, to flare up again, apparently making her unable to defend herself.

The “Who Wants To Stay A Millionaire” Theory, sometimes associated with the “Jackson And Lawler’s European Vacation” Theory. Given the matter before the court there was all likelihood that the HSU would have a caveat on the property, meaning that if Jackson were to sell it, the money would be held in trust pending the trial outcome. However, in the unlikely event of some kind of disaster falling upon the home, the caveat would not apply to any insurance payout. This payout would keep Jackson in the millionaire stable, or have our starry-eyed lovers saddling up with European passports in hand.

The “Jacksonville” Theory. This theory goes kinda like this. Geez, I dunno how that happened, but it probably relates to Bill Shorten somehow.

As you read this, I’m sure the joint Federal Police and Victorian Police Task Force Heracles conducting a criminal investigation into Jackson and her allies will be forming their own theories.

Calls for Michael Lawler to be removed from his position as a vice president of the Fair Work Commission have so far proven fruitless, with the man who appointed him, Tony Abbott apparently giving it less thought than Bronwyn Bishop gives a taxpayer-funded chopper ride.

Both Abbott and Eric Abetz show their failure to understand their portfolios, by saying it is not Parliament’s role to remove him, despite advice to the contrary from the President of the Fair Work Commission and the Australian Bar Association.

So now we wait for the Federal Court ruling and the criminal investigation to complete.

The Jacksonville book

In the meantime, many of you have asked me if I was going to ever write a book on the whole Jacksonville saga, one that doesn’t pull any punches.

After much thought, I have decided that I will write the story from the perspective of the one person who has covered this saga from the start and has been correct in virtually every aspect. That person would be yours truly.

I will, however, need help.

In order to have any chance of finding the time to put this book together, I will need to resort to casual work, which means I will not be able cover my cost of living.

For this reason, I am looking to crowd fund the book, in order to allow me to write without having to declare myself bankrupt like someone else we all know.

I have set up a page on Wixxyleaks that gives details of how you can help and some options available.

Thanks for all your support and, as always, I will keep you abreast of developments as they occur.

Peter Wicks is an ALP member and a former NSW State Labor candidate. You can follow Peter on Twitter @madwixxy.

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