Suicide bombers need to be studied like other murderers

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IT IS the hate that dare not speak its name.

But I will name it and I will try to shame it. It is the hate that masquerades as the love for Allah.

It is the hate that manifests in the barren bowels of barren men with matching intellects; whose ideological impotence feeds on a Viagra readily manufactured by the conjoined twins of sex and violence.

It appears on the assembly belt in a package mostly indistinguishable from all the other packages.

That is the beauty of it.

It walks and stalks paupers and those who would be kings alike.

It is a responsive and unquestioning servant to a needy and often seasoned master whose sexual gratification is dependent upon the subjugation of often younger prey; an age old powerplay, surely.

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Blair, and Howard, Bin Laden and Abdul Nacer Benbrika extolled others to violence and despatched youth to war against the human family.

It appears as an automaton incapable of independent thought.

Lured with the promise of unearthly bounty, its gullibility harvested by grim reapers who gather their spent seed and spread it equally upon their greedy quivering mouths and reputations.

It has a brain but does not think.

It has eyes but does not see.

It has a heart but it doesn't miss a beat. It has blood, but if you cut it, it does not heed. It even has a conscience but this has been sold into slavery for an empty silken purse made with the tattered fabric of inhumane bondage and debts that never have to be repaid. Micro-finance not required.

What is it?

You know it. I know it. The world knows it well. Too well.

‘It' is the suicide bomber.

The links between fundamentalist religious zealots and power and sex and violence is known and noted.

Before the crazies start strapping on their designer terrorist suicide jackets to shut me up, let me say this: I feel the same way about all FRZs. And that includes alleged professed Christians and Muslims and Jews and Infidels.


And while we're at it, can we just get this straight about the word 'Allah'.  It's Arabic for God.

It's not Muslim for God. So we can all use it. Muslim, Christians, Non-believers, alike.

It's no more a Muslim word than God is a Christian word.

I'm researching a book about the pornography of sexual violence specifically linking terrorism and suicide bombers. War porn. We don't have to go overseas to identify these links. Let's pop into our own backyard shall we? And why are we terrified of discussing this subject in Australia and opening up a public conversation?

For example, the more one studies the lexicon of Algerian-born convicted terrorist Abdul Nacer Benbrika, the more one realises the important role manipulating repressed sexuality has as essential armoury in his toxic interpretation of Jihadism.

We (not me) used to say one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Now we (not me) say one man's suicide bomber is another man's martyr. The promise of 72 virgins awaiting these suicidal martyrs, presumably with open legs as well as open arms, remains a serious inducement of recruitment for these doomsday cults.

I ponder about what's in it for women suicidal martyrs — 72 virgin males? I don't think so.

Fat chance. Either side of the great Sirat.

Anyway, I hope they're faux virgins who have had their hymens restitched — these spoils of whore.

I know, I'm a killjoy, but why would you want your first sexual encounter to be with a coward?

Heaven's virgins, like those of us on earth surely deserve as it is in heaven — heroes, champions, darling men and women who make love not hate and angels who frolic in same sex marriages and where unbaptised innocent babies who died with souls stained by mortal sin are not double-parked in Limbo and where you can meet wealthy stinkers who fast tracked their way into Heaven with Plenary Indulgences.

Then again, as far as most religions go, we of the second class sex generally get a bum rap. I'm speaking as a prolapsed Catholic. I know these things. Il Papa doesn't fool me just because he gave Macka (Mother Mary MacKillop to you) a Vatican gong.


Those Vatican dudes who wear the Magenta Galibayas have so much in common with their Taliban brothers. They still think women are unclean and won't let us share the wine and be priests in case we menstruate on the Altar while we're turning water and wine into the actual body and blood of Jesus.

Do you get that? It's magic. It's not a metaphor. Not symbolic. It is the miracle of the Mass.

We all know the once excommunicated (for insubordination) Mother Mary liked to hit the turps every now and then. Let it be. A minor storm in a hiccup, I would have thought, given the well-stocked cellars of the Brothers and Priests. All top shelf stuff. Let the Holy Spirits be upon you.

Et cum spiritu tuo.

That woman has always been a saint in my eyes.

The reality was she still did more in a day than the blokes did in a month of Sundays, at a time when it was a Mortal Sin to miss Mass on the Sabbath and believers used to fret about all those innocent babies in Limbo. I still do.

Did those bubs stay on when the Dogma didn’t? Any frequent flyers?

Back to Benbrika. Remember Attorney-General Robert McClelland's expedient attempt to bring some hollow kudos to the Labor Government (the original charges against Benbrika and others were laid under the Howard Government).

McClelland imprudently described Australia's biggest terrorist trial as our “most successful terror prosecution” inviting justifiable criticism about political interference and outrage from the Opposition, civil liberties groups and lawyers for the men; fuelling the on-going debate in this country about terror laws and freedom of speech.

In 2008, Benbrika and several others were found guilty of terrorism related charges. Last week in Melbourne, Justice Terry Forrest ruled that a second trial involving Benbrika and others would be an abuse of process and opppressive.

The evidence before the Court in the seven month trial in 2008, reminded us all that whilst economic deprivation undoubtedly oils the mechanics of recruiting younger terrorists as disposable human waste and foot soldiers — most of Benbrika's acolytes within the inner sanctum would not be classed as economically deprived.

Benbrika's limited and malevolent fundamentalist intellect is particularly disturbing. People that know him tell me he is incapable of a sensible discussion on anything outside of his obsessive compulsive revulsion and demonising of non-believers among which he includes moderate Muslims.


He seems to have suckled constantly off the Australian welfare teat to provide for himself and his wife and seven children and yet his language is infected with hatred towards Australia and Australians and 'the West' in whose imperfect arms he has enjoyed daily embrace.

In this, Benbrika has local and overseas counterparts.

It is chilling to read transcripts and hear tapes of him deftly verbally seducing his younger disciples — religious paedophilia, most surely, of another kind. He uses those programming techniques favoured by a number of cults. First de-construct. Then re-construct. Listen to the Terrorist Whisperer's seductive vocal caress.

Little forensic analyses have been completed on the psychological construct of self-appointed leaders/Imams such as Benbrika and his international siblings. The latter, in particular, get their rocks off by getting younger men and kids to literally get their rocks off in suicide bombings. What's going on here?

And have you noticed that so often in the terrorist's suicidal foreplay that a visit to the local brothel or freelance prostitute (a la the September 11, 2001 terrorist hijackers) seems a mandatory prerequisite before meeting the Creator? Why is that, I wonder?

Governments shy from investing funds in this specific field of research and yet uber intelligence personnel tell me there are valuable counter-terrorism technique clues embedded like shrapnel in  this endeavour. It is not an unknown discipline, after all.

So often, terrorists portray suicide bombers as heroes. What would happen if they were portrayed instead as losers, inadequate performers? As gutless beings — reduced to the status of genocidal mass murderers, serial killers, criminals.

Consider Hitler and the efforts of the Allies to dissect his sexual proclivities and the debates in academe about the impact of his single testicle on his psyche. Did Hitler have balls? He had but one, according to what a member of the Russian Schmersh team present at the autopsy told me. And she walked around with bits of his jaw in her handbag for days. But hey, is it about the testosterone count? Or is it about the manipulating of psychosexual DNA. Cowards don't need balls. Like bullies.

These thugs, this death coach Benbrika and his convicted lackeys, should be stripped from hiding behind any facade of religion. (It should be noted that Benbrika's cell was exposed because of the vigilance and concern of members of the Muslim community informing and working with the authorities.)

The homoerotic sadism inherent in despatching others to kill on one's behalf needs to be properly dissected and examined.

This is considered valid when profiling so-called 'civilian' serial killers and those who incite others to murder on their behalf.

So why do we shirk from applying this level of scrutiny to terrorists and home-grown terrorists?


Some people love to watch people having sex. Some people love to watch people die. Some people get off on watching people kill other people. And we know some people just love those suicide videos; pornography of violence; snuff movies. The likes of Benbrika and his ideological brothers masturbating blood in the dark.

Their philosophies are bereft of love, hope, joy, friendship, compassion, peace, sheer lust for life and affection for their human brethren. They display an inability to empathise with suffering. There is no sense of a shared humanity.

They promulgate a version of religion incapable of withstanding scrutiny, argument, debate, challenge, humour, ridicule, from believers and non-believers alike.

They instigate fear and suspicion within their own communities, intimidating those who do not adhere to their fundamentalist criteria.

They are psychopaths with Lecter-like inclination. You might notice that Benbrika and other so called 'mentors' never advocate strapping on a suicide vest themselves. No sirree, Abdul. Do as I say, not as I do not. Bin Laden would never have said 'my turn, brothers'. These dudes don't believe their own rhetoric. They know it's a load of bollocks.


Most of all, they defecate on the dreams and aspirations of ordinary Muslims. I don't much care that they are anti-Christian, anti-Jew, anti-Hindu, anti-Buddhist, et cetera. They are entitled to their opinion. But they are anti-life. They are anti-humanity. And they are certainly anti-Muslim.  Terrorists murder and maim more Muslims than they do Infidels.

A night ago from Kabul came information of the suicide bombing of former Afghani President and Chairman of the Afghan High Peace Council, Berhanuddin Rabbani whilst meeting with Taliban leaders.

Reports state one of the suicide bombers may have hidden the bomb in his turban.

What utter cowards. How they must have feared Rabbani; too scared to even speak with him and prepared to desecrate the code of hospitality, protection and honour offered in his home.

Such bombings should not be regarded as a triumph but as a measure of the terrorist's ideological impotence.

The many wars within 'The War' in Afghanistan have little to do with even religious ideology, but everything to do with power and corruption and money and drugs.


Their brothers in arms might well be the likes of Irish Christian terrorists, who killed many more Christians in their zenith and may never have killed a single Muslim, insofar as 'The Troubles' are concerned.

And, like their Muslim terrorist brethren, Christian Irish terrorists are anti-life, anti-humanity. And they are certainly anti-Christian. Do you get my drift?

Oh yes, Al Qaeda would have been quite at home in Omagh that terrible day in Market Street, August 15, 1998. It became human meat market street, littered with the body parts of the innocent dead and dying and hundreds of injured.

The thing is, Christian yarns are full of martyrs who seemed to revel in being flayed alive and burned at the stake, plucking their own eyes out — or bringing it on themselves, being flogged, the gory stories scaring the bejeezus out of wee kidlets.


And look at those statues and pictures of the crucified half-naked and splayed Christ, the blood trickling down his forehead from the crown of piercing thorns and oozing from the nails driven into his open palms and crossed feet; sometimes Christendom's ultimate martyr is bound with rope, in bondage to his scriptured fate. Then there is the coup de amazing grace — that gash in his side from the spear. The entire image is riddled with undeniable homoerotica.

The ecstasy far outstrips the agony.

For some reason these days Christians – and the rest of us, on the whole, don't seem to have as much enthusiasm for martyrdom or suicide missions as our Muslim counterparts.

Maybe the former are just not that interested in meeting virgins in the afterlife.  Maybe they figure they can meet more virgins here on earth.

Or maybe they're just not as sexually desperate as suicidal bombers.


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