Send the super trawler Margiris to collect the bodies

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WHY DON'T WE cut the mawkish crap and despatch the super trawler FV Margiris to collect the asylum seeker corpses floating on the seas off Western Australia?

By contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence
By contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence

This mega 9,500 tonne mother dragger's nets are so huge, they can hold six jumbo jets all at once.

She's built to pack an annual 17,500 tonnes of human shoal in her freezer belly. That's a lot of dead asylum seekers. They won't try that again.

Good petfood fodder and more socially acceptable than culling our roos.

If any bleeding hearts kick up a fuss, we can just plonk one of those tuna 'dolphin-free' disclaimers on the packaging. Like so: 'illegals-free'. Should get a larf. Like those stubbie holders Victoria Police get especially made for imported and local blacks.

That's another thing. Darkies don't have a sense of humour. Not like ours.

Margiris, like other super trawlers, has state-of-the-art echo sounders, sonar systems, radar and GPS.

So there's none of this'we haven't got enough boats' blarney. Or 'we don't know where they are'.

'it's the weekend and we're not paying any more overtime to pick up dead people'.

You could put the whole of our Coastguard, Customs, Navy, Air Force and Army on her decks.

She is better equipped than any of them to detect, catch, process and vacuum pack schools of floating bodies. Even those still alive.

That's our asylum seeker detention problem solved. In the can. The only good asylum seeker is a dead asylum seeker.

For all we know or care, there could be hundreds of floating bodies out there. Just as long as they don't try to float towards our shores. Even though Australia doesn't exist anymore. Wouldn't put it past them to deliberately do it, just to nark us.

Even when they're dead, they're a bloody nuisance and a terrorist threat. Those bodies might have bombs hidden in them. If they could, they would still be trying to take food from the mouths of our kids and take jobs from our people.

Geezus, they haven't spilled blood for this country. Where were they in Gallipoli? Not with our blokes in the trenches, that's for sure.

Anyway, what's the big deal about their dead bodies anyway. They're not white people. They're not like us. They're not a single white male around-the-world sailor. We hit the decks running to rescue these blokes. As we should. They are an inspiration to us and remind us of our glorious white forefathers and mariner explorers, like Captain Cook who discovered this uninhabited Great Southern Land, just crying out for the Union Jack to be plonked on it. We built this city.

All cities.

These coloured folk just don't have the same respect for life that we have. They don't even have pre-pay funerals. And they certainly wouldn't allow all-girl cortège attendants. There's no equality for women where they've come from.

They don't respect the dead like we do. We whites do death well, even if we do have the odd exploding cadaver every now and again.

Who's to say these illegals didn't deliberately chuck their women and children overboard, leaving them to drown? They've done this type of thing before. The blokes have probably hightailed it back to where they came from, anyway.

We shouldn't be too fussed about letting the bodies just float about. After all they are bio degradable ― like our conscience.

They'll be snack food for sharks and other fish, and all the sea critters, worms and parasites that feed off corpses.

Given that corpses invariably float face down, soft tissues and underbelly material such as intestines will probably be among the first to get eaten and torn out, including the eye sockets and eyeballs, a delicacy amongst sea life as well as amongst humans.

Entrance to the head and brain will probably be accessed through the ears, mouths and nostrils and other orifice.

But of course, these children and adults will be dead. So they won't feel a thing and it isn't as if they are our darling children.

Anyhow, I'd steer away from flake for a few weeks if I were you.

Especially if you're in Western Australia and even if the local fish and chips are to die for.

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