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IA editorial: Doing what is right

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Independent Australia is neither left, nor right, it simply believes in doing what is right.

Life is complicated.

Sometimes, you just have to stand up for what you believe in.

Sometimes, it may make people you like, or even love, disapprove of you — but, sometimes, that is the price of doing what it is right.

As the editor and proprietor Independent Australia, some people suggest to me that IA is a “leftist” publication.

The truth is, we couldn’t be more middle of the road.

This is demonstrated by people like Alan Jones.

Last week, Young Liberals though Jones’ vicious words were worth a laugh, now they will think again.

A principled journalist recorded the event, and publicised it. This casual hate speech occurs all the time. We all hear it. We know it does.

The time has come to say: Enough.

Independent Australia is not left, it simply believes in doing what is right.

Tony Abbott refused to condemn Alan Jones. He is wrong to do so.

We believe in doing what is right, Abbott is just so wrong.

We will fight the world that people like Jones, Bernardi and Abbott lead us toward, and we will no apologise for doing so.

If you think opposing wrong makes us non-independent, you're a fool. Support Independent Australia — it is the right thing to do.


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