CARTOONS: Mark David is gambling with his popularity

... and he's not coming out a winner!  
CARTOONS: Biden gives Australia the elbow

Awkies for AUKUS.  
CARTOONS: There's a jingle in Mark David's pockets!

Sounds a lot like surplus.  
CARTOONS: Mark David is bending the knee

Meanwhile, republicans are bent out of shape.  
CARTOONS: Whistleblowers are piping down

Understandable when all roads lead to government failure to free Julian Assange.  
CARTOONS: Is reptilian Rupe finally on the rocks?

No... not when waving goodbye to a wee billion here and there doesn't hurt him.  
CARTOONS: Liberal lurch to the Right leaves Leeser no option

... but to do the 'right' thing.  
CARTOONS: Dutton puts the 'no' into... well, everything

Because he hasn't met a war of attrition he won't sign up for.  
CARTOONS: Mark David is blowing his whistle

... quietly, because if someone hears him, he might end up in front of a judge.  
CARTOONS: Mark David is standing for re-election

Our tip: He's left his Nazi uniform in the closet.  
CARTOONS: Mark David goes nuclear with the defence budget!

AUKUS announcement heavy on the heart for peace lovers.  
CARTOONS: Interest rates bite!

Meanwhile, catcalls from the super-rich over superannuation tax hikes...  
CARTOONS: Mark David is channelling Chicken Little

... coz Mr 17%'s got nothing else.  
CARTOONS: The Reserve Bank is making choices

... and we don't rate them highly!  
CARTOONS: Mark David is all about The Voice

It's time to turn the pages over... and read the detail, Dutton!  
CARTOONS: Peter Dutton needs better advice

With his popularity in the toilet, Mr 17% might need a miracle to go with it.  
CARTOONS: Robodebt rat pack is facing facts at the RC

Shamefully, "I can't recall" is trending...  
CARTOONS: Jacinda Ardern has taken her turn

The world is short one genuine leader.  
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