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Fixing fixations by arresting Friendlyjordies' Kristo

On June 4, Friendlyjordies producer and writer Kristo Langker was arrested by the NSW Police ...  
Australia needs purpose-built quarantine facilities to stop COVID-19

The Government needs to focus on building proper quarantine facilities and stop relying on hotels ...  
Asylum seekers: Locked up and let out without support

Locking people away in detention centres for indefinite periods, then releasing them unsupported ...  
Sociopaths and why we elect them

Trump's supporters have fallen for his narcissistic, sociopathic traits – voting for him because ...  
Asia must follow Japan in fighting against Chinese regional aggression

With China's political aggression rising, Japan has sided with those standing up to the economic ...  
The silent ghost killing our oceans

Abandoned fishing gear and apparatus is having an extremely detrimental effect on the world's ...  
'Fixated' Friendlyjordies case brings us closer to a police state

The formation of a Fixated Persons Investigations Unit and the exploitation of its power is ...  
Democracy under attack

Democracy may be under attack but extremism and cruelty do not reflect the majority of Austral ...  
Unraveling the mystery behind the QAnon cult

Why are Americans flocking to Q in their millions and what’s in QAnon for him?  
CARTOONS: Mark David under-promises at G7

... but he over-delivers for the Queen.  
Optus falling behind in renewable energy commitments

While the majority of Australian telecommunication companies have committed to 100% renewable ...  
The G7, NATO and the demonising of China

The meetings of the G7 and NATO have left no doubt as to the growing strength of a united front ...  
A roadmap for a republic and other real reforms

We should consider a new proposal setting out a pathway for achieving an Australian republic as ...  
Media failed to accurately report on Afghanistan War for far too long

The failure of the media to hold various Australian governments to account for their mistakes in ...  
Djokovic jumps into prime position for GOAT title

Arguably the 'greatest [tennis player] of all time', Novak Djokovic's 2021 French Open win makes ...  
Religious freedom laws have no place in modern Australia

In an era where religious importance is on the decline, it's only conservatives and the hard Right ...  
NBN problems a result of Coalition Government's cost-cutting policies

The NBN's latest proposals may not resolve its issues of cost efficiency and internet speed ...  
Scott Morrison gained power through a lack of due diligence

Companies do due diligence on key appointments. Why not nations?  
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