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Mental health: Why our voice matters

Convinced it was their destiny to rot away inside a mental health system with limited capacity to ...  
Queensland's Frog Prince: The man — the mystery

Who knew playing hide-and-seek at night with nature's critters could be so much fun? Frog-frie ...  
Woodside's fossil fuel focus could push our climate over the edge

Climate polluter Woodside is building its business strategy around the absurd notion that the very ...  
Mayhem at the democracy sausage stall

A tale of a democracy sausage stall gone wrong.  
Election will come and go, but refugees still victims of 'border politics'

Regardless of the Election result, Australia must treat refugees with humanity and dignity, writes ...  
Changes to industrial relations to hurt workers and employers

The current Federal Election campaign has seen the major parties battle on several issues, with ...  
ELECTION LIVESTREAM: Time for toast! Murdoch-free analysis

IA is thrilled to invite you to join our exclusive live-stream Federal election coverage tomorrow ...  
What to do if you spot conspiracists at the voting booth

The "cookers" promise to be out tomorrow at polling booths across the country, writes Tom Tanuk ...  
A Liberal history of irresponsible economics

How much better will the economy be under Morrison and Frydenberg?  
Adam Bandt and the Greens — the 2022 Election's dark horse

Much of the media’s focus has been on the Independent candidates, but the Greens is likely to be ...  
CARTOONS: Voting for the cream of the crop — a tip

Don't pick the turnip!  
What the top 2022 Federal Election issues tell us

With Election Day looming, the top issues reveal something about the state of the nation.  
Morrison's hubris will be unchecked if Coalition prevail

If Scott Morrison and the Coalition win government, the state of our democracy will be imperilled ...  
Morrison misleads on migration

Scott Morrison has misinformed the public on Australia's levels of net migration and our strugg ...  
Dutton's defeat a victory for free speech

Shane Bazzi has won an appeal against Peter Dutton over a tweet that would have cost more than ...  
Election campaign demonstrates sorry state of Australian politics

In the sea of campaigns and corflutes, it is easy to be disillusioned with Australia's political ...  
12 reasons why the Morrison Government should be ‘toast’

Unless the self-proclaimed “fixer” Prime Minister actually fixes the election, the chances of ...  
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EDITORIAL: 12 reasons why the Morrison Government should be ‘toast’

Unless the self-proclaimed “fixer” Prime Minister actually fixes the election ...  
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