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Morrison carted out in clean sweep as Albo ushered in

Despite being underestimated by the previous regime and the Fourth Estate, Australians have swept ...  
No, Australia has not done well in managing COVID-19

There has been considerable commentary by politicians and others that Australia has done well in ...  
CARTOONS: He's been given the Albo

Mainstream media journalists are signalling the end before our new PM has even begun.  
Australia rejects Trumpism in voting out Morrison Government

With the defeat of Scott Morrison, Australia has dodged the abyss of Trumpism.  
Forced fan engagement at the footy falls flat

AFL ground announcers screaming at fans between quarters, stage-managing their enthusiasm by ...  
Incoming Government must act swiftly on the climate crisis

Australian media is hyping up the startling loss of standing Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the ...  
Solomon Islands agreement puts Australia in crosshairs of U.S. and China

The recent China-Solomon deal has sent waves of discomfort through the U.S. and its allies ...  
The Seven Mountains of control — a threat to democracy

The Pentecostal Church's Seven Mountains Mandate is an affront to democracy and a danger to ...  
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EDITORIAL: Morrison carted out in clean sweep as Albo ushered in

There is no doubt that Labor’s election win will change a great many things. Australians are ...  
Applying war theory to the hyperthreat of climate and environmental change

PLAN E, a new climate and environmentally centred security strategy, finds world’s security ...  
Labor Government needs to step up and fix our NBN

It's now up to the new Labor Government to deliver a better and more affordable service.  
Dastardly Dutton likely for Liberal leadership

Peter Dutton looks set to take over as the next leader of the Liberal Party and steer it further ...  
Albanese victory signals sunset on Murdoch era

Founder and publisher David Donovan explores the significance of the new Labor Government for ...  
ELECTION LIVESTREAM HIGHLIGHTS: Dr Tim Dunlop and Professor Kerryn Phelps

Australia voted for progressive change on Saturday 21 May and Independent Australia was right ...  
War is not the biggest threat to Australia's security

The Morrison Government had escalated the fear of war, but there are far more critical things to ...  
Election result a victory for the popular Left, despite what you may hear

In spite of mainstream media discourse, the election result was a resounding victory for the ...  
Well done, Australia — now let’s fix the joint up properly

Australia’s Parliament is not the only institution to have been trashed by the Coalition and ...  
Anthony Albanese defeats Rupert Murdoch to become 31st PM of Australia

Anthony Albanese gained enough seats to stop Murdoch’s L-NP’s attempt at governing for a ...  
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