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Leave the Matildas alone
Media editor Dr Lee Duffield wonders about the dumping of the Matildas’ team coach just ahead of their World Cup campaign.
Trump's America: Prison time for compassion
Four women are facing possible prison time for leaving jugs of water and canned food in the Arizona desert for migrants.

The challenges of overpopulation
The challenges of a stressed Earth go beyond the rhetoric of both capitalism and socialism.
What does Japan’s whaling announcement actually mean?
What are the ramifications of Japan's decision to resume commercial whale hunts?
Private health insurance: A bipartisan con job
Successive Coalition governments continue to undermine Medicare and the modern Labor Party seems not to understand it.
Aiia Maasarwe, the Gillette ad and male violence
In the wake of Aiia Maasarwe’s violent and senseless murder, men seem more upset about a Gillette razor ad.
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