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There is no business like show business
The AFP's ties to the Coalition have almost turned our nation into a police state, using terrorism and immigration as political tools.
Ministerial resignations in Australia: The Coalition sets a new record
In an exclusive for IA, Alan Austin updates federal ministerial sackings and resignations since the Whitlam years.

Policy confusion and weirdness abounds in first week of Election campaiging
Even for Australian politics, last week was unusually gaffe-prone and bizarre, writes James Fitzgerald.
A journey through Australia's many electorates
In anticipation of the Federal Election, Henry Johnston takes us across the wide expanses of Australia's different electorates.
Fake news, election interference and discrimination: Managing social media
With the rise of the misuse of the internet, Paul Budde believes that governments and industry must cooperate to better regulate it.
Screen Themes: WWE Wrestlemania 35 vs MLW Battle Riot 2
John Turnbull checks out the biggest WWE pay-per-view of the year and an independent promotion with little money but lots of heart.
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