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MUNGO MACCALLUM: Bob Hawke's legacy of aspiration
The late Bob Hawke was more honest in his political views and determination to better the country than our current leaders.
Morrison's problem with China
Tarric Brooker discusses PM Scott Morrison's meek response to the pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong. 

CFMEU boss John Setka in the firing line
Something is not quite right in the John Setka matter, writes Frank O'Shea.
Alan Jones' climate change 'argument'
A mere two billionths of a gram of toxin is enough to kill Alan Jones’ ridiculous argument that the small proportion of CO2 has no effect on climate change.
Health and 5G technology
Independent research is needed on possible health risks caused by 5G technology, writes Paul Budde.
Newsrooms tell the truth about the economy — after the election
Now the Coalition has been safely returned to power, some journalists are free to report what is actually happening. Alan Austin reports.
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