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Sick of News Corp spin? IA explains how to erase Rupert Murdoch's propaganda from your computer screens completely.

Block Murdoch Chrome app

IF YOU’RE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE who simply won’t stand for Rupert Murdoch’s crap anymore, now might be the time to completely erase him from your computer screens for good. There are many ways to do this, and they’re remarkably simple.

If you’re ready to block News Corpse, the first way we can do this is using a plugin for Google Chrome. If you don’t use Chrome, I recommend you download it. It’s a lot faster and more modern than Internet Explorer. It’s also a lot easier to use and works better with most web pages, including websites like Twitter and Facebook.

The Google Chrome plugin is called Murdoch Block, and can be added to Chrome with relative ease through the Chrome extensions library. If you’ve already got Chrome, you can download the Murdoch Block extension here. If you’re yet to install Chrome on your computer, you can click here to download it quickly.

If you're a Firefox user, you can also download an add-on that will essentially do the same thing. The extension is also made by the same developer. If you’re ready to download it, then you can click here. If you wish to install Firefox, you can do so here.

This extension is great and worth getting. It will automatically bring up a warning message when accessing a News Corpse website, and will also give you the option to continue through and read it if you’re desperate. It also lets you select certain websites to block or unblock.

Even if you are not a Firefox or Chrome user, this extension is worth downloading, especially if you are keen on boycotting Murdoch press for good.

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