The extravagant hypocrisy of a royal wedding in broke Britain

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The royal wedding may have seemed like a PR bonanza for the royal family in Britain and perhaps it was for some. But the extravagance and cost of this event in a time of extreme public austerity and spending cuts has left many English people fuming. William Gladys gives voice to the silenced masses.

The two very different sides of London

On the day of England’s imperial, vainglorious, profligate, pompous, royal wedding, no-one exploded a bomb, no long or short-range sniper had a royal in his sights, no-one destroyed a palace, no-one lost a life and, surprisingly, all the posh fee-paying schools remained untouched.

To the uninformed, these posh English educational establishments audaciously endorse deferential class divisiveness while at the same time advocating prolongation of eternal imperial colonising. A world damaging perverse ideology born of past Empire, which gave birth to a monster – an English Hydra – that is shamefully still present in England’s political dogma to this day.

As a consequence, blinkered zealous followers of royal expansionist English imperialism would have us believe that England and its people did not suffer any material damage because of the royal wastefulness. Head-in-the-sand thinking indeed as, in reality of course, the moral and economic damage inflicted on the nation, its population and, by association, the Commonwealth is beyond measure.

Will the remaining tentative members of the Commonwealth, once they have absorbed details of the economic cost and moral turpitude of the royal wedding, now be thinking about distancing them from the royal ignominy?

Whatever the Commonwealth countries decide, be certain that those in the Middle-East and elsewhere, who have had to endure the aggression of the monarchy’s political dominance and incessant military destructive power for such a long time will, uncharacteristically, be  applauding the Queen and her fellow unelected  royal politicians for their high-handed extravagances.


Do not for a single moment reader harbour the erroneous thought that the royals are not policy changing politicians, for that is indeed what they are. In a single week “monarchist extremism (has) undercut the democratic process” – Press TV, 30 April, 2011.

In other words, England’s Commander-in-Chief, her monetarily overloaded relatives and their fawning Establishment colleagues have succeeded in scoring an own goal – a double whammy, to quote the Tories; raised many middle fingers to the populace and delivered an economic calamity for England that its ‘enemies’ failed to achieve in decades of trying.

Moreover, the royals decadence comes at a time when the vast majority of the Queen’s ‘subjects’ – shamefully not democratic citizens – are experiencing severe hardship and extreme austerity. According to MB-Money Basics - 06-05-2011:


‘…one person every 59 seconds is made insolvent or goes bankrupt during a working day of the week, and the interest that the government has to pay on the tax payers national debt is almost £122,000,000 each day’.

A debt forecast to soar to £1.1 trillion by the end of 2011.

Furthermore, will the people of England ever forget the media’s public censure of the corporate banks after publication of their questionable expenditure, and the current contrasting hypocrisy, i.e. the failure of the mainstream media to condemn the royals and their nation-damaging extravagance?

As one commentator stated:

‘due to the enforced holiday and the loss of so many productive working days, the cost to the nation of this illogical self-seeking  royal idiocy is at least £30 billion’.

Likewise, if my own calculations are correct, this relates to an enforced payment of approximately £600 for each individual living in England, Scotland, and Wales. While in late 2010, an alleged secret old boys meeting, held behind closed doors at Buckingham Palace, ensured a vast yearly state hand-out for the royals, and yet the ‘common’ people have no choice but to pay for this royal humbug and profligacy without any public consultation? Indeed the analyst’s figure of £30 billion could well be a cautious under- estimation.

Nevertheless, the loss to the NHS, student grants, sea and flood defences, repair and new build of run-down infrastructures, substantial benefit cuts for the needy, the unemployed and those on low incomes, or state benefits,  is enormous. Likewise, these appalling royals have no use for the ‘common’ peoples much-revered NHS — it is an irrelevance to them, unmistakably identified by their outrageous disregard for any form of thrift. What a crap country England has become.

Indeed, UK National Debt Clock states:

‘…future generations will not say thank you for mortgaging their future. At best, the national debt for our children will be a millstone round their necks’. (UKNDC – 06-05-2011).

This disgraceful fact will not apply to any of England’s royal offspring, however — their parents, being among the richest people in the world, are financially secure, with massive state hand-outs (taxpayers’ contributions) guaranteeing it. On the other hand, the people of England, and possibly irate members of the Commonwealth also, might decide in the future to proclaim a blunt NO to further unchecked royal self-indulgence and hard-nosed unaccountability.

Consequently, it is doubly deplorable that, during a time when the vast majority of the public have had to tighten their belts, these feckless, reckless rich royals carry on regardless, wasting the tax-payers hard earned cash as if there was no tomorrow.

Without doubt, the appalling financial legacy that the royal wedding inflicted upon the nation’s people is unpardonable. This appalling  charade has shown the world that, during a frightening time of bankrupting austerity, the English ruling establishment is unwilling to recognise the dire situation that the ‘ordinary’ people have to face.

Unlike the rest of us, England’s royals have clearly had their backs scratched by those in the wealthy old boys’ network, and cunningly engineered a lucrative increase in their yearly state handouts to the tune of £100’s of millions each year. Furthermore, the royal’s unprincipled and willing exclusion from the Freedom of Information Act is a national disgrace. An example of blatant self-serving political manoeuvring that will guarantee embarrassing questions regarding their ‘contentious’ finances is a waste of time.

No wonder millions in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere, who hate us so much, have put their hands together and applauded the monarch’s shocking, self-serving and autocratic decision and the enormous harm it has inflicted on England and its people.

As a result, England’s integrity at home and abroad is now garbage.

How the English taxpayer and members of the current Commonwealth such as Australia and New Zealand will react to these revelations is anyone’s guess?

It is common knowledge that Australians have scoffed at the pomp and ceremony that issued from London in April, but  in depth thinking  will convince them, I hope, that the overt pomp and ceremony is only the tip of an extremely large and very nasty, dirty, royal iceberg.

Consequentially, rational thinkers everywhere envisage a gathering disassociation from, and public condemnation of, England’s royal establishment because of their reprehensible conduct, but, of course, only time will tell.

(William Gladys ©,  London, 2011)

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