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Wedding fever has certainly got to Australia’s fool of the year – David Flint. Barry Everingham has stopped laughing enough to explain why.

David Flint and the ACM were so completely wrong about April Fools, so why would anyone believe anything else they say?

Most people as humiliated as David Flint was earlier this week – when he was forced  to pull his lead story from his personal website  after falling for an April Fool’s Day scam which was aimed at him and his followers – would surely have got back under his rock and licked his wounds.

But not the good professor; in fact, his mind is wandering all over the place — celebrity and royal weddings really get to him.

He’s in a spin about Kate’s wedding dress.

He’s in a state about the wedding cake.

He’s fantasizing about the bridegroom’s buck party—calm it Dave.

And he’s stuffed up badly about the style and title of Diana Fisher, the former BOAC stewardess who will be guest speaker at ACM’s knees up to celebrate the nuptials.

For a bloke who has an unreal obsession with titles I would have thought that Flint when referring to Diana (who by the way I’ve known and respected for many years) would not have made the blunder he has.

Breathlessly, we are told the guest speaker at the celebration will be the Hon. Diana Fisher. Now Diana is many things but she ain’t the daughter of a peer so she has no claim to being an honourable. But, her former husband, the Hon. Humphrey Fisher is the son of a life peer — dad was a former Archbishop of Canterbury. Diana has no right to that title, and has never claimed to have had any — for years the media have simply got it wrong, so that’s good enough for Flint.

But in his latest blog, he has gone totally over the top. The Diana Fisher matter is just a sidebar and something of little importance, but we need to keep an eye on Flint and let him know when he continually gets it wrong.

“Britain and the Commonwealth: and beware our negligent republicans” is his latest patronising advice; this time he’s warned the UK government and the EU to reconsider their commitment to the Commonwealth.

And then he drops a bucket over local republicans warning Australians that the proposals made by his enemies – and how the fool hates – claiming our present proposals show lamentable negligence.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

Forgetting and unable  to admit even to himself  that the once mighty Britain is a shadow of its former self, Flint is gazing into one of his crystal balls — seething that the Blair Government  didn’t take the notion of a federal Europe to the people in a referendum as he knows the Cameron government won’t either.

Flint laments Britain’s original decision to join the EU was at the expense of the Commonwealth — which of course is pure Flint bunkum.

Europe’s collection of countries are not former colonies, left in messes after years of British colonial rule — and of course I don’t mean Australia, New Zealand and Canada; this trio has been left with a dysfunctional ethnic German family whose connection to the Commonwealth is historical — and in Flint’s case hysterical. If it’s British, if it’s royal and if it’s Conservative, it’s cool for him.

He goes further and the hyperbole gets madder. Does he seriously believe that the British are closer to the USA and the commonwealth than to Europe?

Does he see the queues at England’s passport controls where his precious Commonwealth citizens are forced to wait in lines labelled “other nationalities” while EU citizens sweep though?

Oh, and by the way, he sees not only the USA, but Israel, Ireland and Jordan as a part of his Anglosphere.

Ireland and Israel have nothing – absolutely nothing – to thank Britain for — turning away from Israel boatloads of survivors of Hitler’s Germany and causing the starvation of hundreds of thousands of Irish peasants during the potato famine.

Give me a break.

Flint then trots out his biggest lie of all — claiming that when we do become a republic we probably won’t be able to retain our membership of the Commonwealth.

It's Comedy Week in Melbourne – which is really where Flint should be.  
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