British monarchy steps into PR overdrive

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The British establishment has stepped into PR overdrive in a desperate attempt to hang on to the last tattered remnants of Empire, says British republican William Gladys.

Republics for Australia & Jamaica — Gillard and Miller say YES!

But, tragically, the British Monarchy says NO!

(By William Gladys, London, April 2012)

It is very clear, but hardly surprising, that the British monarchy’s PR propaganda machine is working at full throttle — and the worldwide media is lapping it up. As I write, theJubilee PR team are engaged in flooding the world markets with cheap Jubilee merchandise and humbug — ‘selling’ trinkets and baubles to the gullible and those most easily duped.

Without a doubt, powerful and influential people in Britain’s establishment, who retain an ardent devotion to past and present Empire – and past and present controlling colonialism – have organised the recent costly propaganda tours of the Antipodes and the Caribbean to promote a waning, superfluous and unwarranted far-flung monarchy.

Although the Prime Ministers of Australia and Jamaica have stated publicly that they want a democratic, people-friendly, Republic for their countries, for controlling figures in monarchical Britain, this is very bad news indeed. Yet, while the recent William and Kate trip to Australia on behalf of the monarchy may have influenced a few Australians to stay shackled to the British establishment — I expect the vast majority of people to not be deceived by such blatant pro-monarchy and anti-democracy interference and reject it outright.

Of course, in the Caribbean, a younger royal politician has been flaunting his wares on behalf of the British monarchical establishment. However, it was an embarrassment to witness the brilliant Usain Bolt appearing alongside a mediocrity only made famous by hereditary privilege. The English describe Prince Harry – or to give him his correct name, Harry Battenberg – “as a jolly nice fellow, waffle, waffle and more waffle”, which may well be the case for some. Yet in reality, he is an unelected politician, working on behalf of a monarchical establishment thousands of miles away. What a pity that this association, willingly or unwillingly, involved the unique and dazzling Mr Bolt.

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