Automatic republic on retirement of QE2

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Len Liddelow believes the Queen will soon step aside as monarch, making it vital that a process is begun now for Australia to automatically become a Republic at the end of her reign.

Australia must put in place a process that will automatically see it become a republic at the end of the Queens reign, because she will step down in her 90th year. There are a number of compelling reasons why this will happen.

The most compelling and logical is the continuation and success of the very institution of monarchy itself. Over the years, this institution has suffered some battering lows and the minders were hard pressed to find ways to lift its image and maintain its popularity — not only in the realms but within the UK itself. This was patently obvious during the Charles and Diana years — and it came to a shattering head on the death of Dianna and the public blunders that ensued.

The outcry that followed the marriage of Charles to Camilla and the realisation that Camilla could become Queen of the whole shebang only continued the slow downward slide of popularity.

Then, out of the mire rides a saviour, a Prince on a shining white horse, and alongside of him is his bride Catherine. Never has so much been achieved, by only two, to save such an important and floundering institution.

The success of the wedding and the instant popularity of the future King and his unblemished future Queen have guaranteed that Elizabeth the Second has no option other than to step down in the next few years.

This Queen will not allow herself to slowly decline with the onset and reality of extreme old age and at the same time run the risk of allowing the gloss to rub off the saviour couple, William and Kate. The risk that something could go wrong is too great and it would be akin to looking a gift horse in the mouth.

There is little doubt that Charles will need to take his turn as King first, but the length of his reign will partly depend on the reaction of the people  —  and the fact he needs to be squeezed in highlights the oncoming urgency for the Queen not to hang on too long.

In her 90th year, two records will well and truly be in her safe keeping. She will not only be the longest ever reigning monarch, but she will also be by far the oldest ever reigning monarch. Two remarkable records that may remain unbroken for hundreds of years.

There is one extremely important fact for all of us to keep in mind after the Queen does step down, she will retain the title of Queen, as did her grandmother Queen Mary, and she will always retain the love, respect, devotion, and admiration of the people. The only real difference in her status will be that she is no longer the reigning monarch.

So, Nicola Roxon, is this enough reason for you to take the initiative to implement a plebiscite at the next elections with the primary question being:

Should Australia automatically become a Republic at the end of the Queens reign.

What party would deny the people the right to be able to decide for themselves the political future of this country?

We have been long and faithful servants of the UK establishment and the monarchy, so the time is now well and truly right for the people of Australia to decide whether we want to continue as such or become a politically independent sovereign nation with our own Australian Head of State, elected by the people, and who is resident in Australia.

Someone with an Australian background and heritage.

Someone who will truly represent our own values, principles, and aspirations to the rest of the world.

Someone who is Australian.

Come on Nicola, give us a fair go. Give us a plebiscite.

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