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President Trump has perfected the art of corruption
The impeachment investigation and corruption of President Donald Trump has reached the dramatic proportions of a reality TV series.
Morrison's medevac madness
Never let evidence, however abundant, trouble the minds of those at the Home Affairs department in Australia. 

Wren's Week: The Coalition ignores the experts and proceeds with drug testing
The Government has given the go-ahead for drug testing of welfare recipients, despite expert advice showing its negative impact.
BOOK REVIEW: Down and Out in Paradise
Cassandra Powell reviews a new book by Luke Williams — an autobiographical journey into the seedy side of Kuala Lumpur, written while recovering from a drug addiction.
Screen Themes: Joker vs The Dark Knight
It’s time to put on makeup, it’s time to light the lights; it’s time for entertainment editor John Turnbull to check out the latest incarnation of the Joker and compare him to the gold standard (so far)…
Passing the generational baton for climate change
Greta Thunberg has not only been a threat to conservative, misogynistic men, but a voice of inspiration to generations around the world.
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