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Tough trade talks with European negotiators who broke the Brits over Brexit
Tensions rose between Europe and Australia over trade – with the EU’s head man in agriculture talking tough here this week.
Wren's week: Abbott's fantasy world, Wilson's corruption and Medevac
This week, John Wren catches up on Tony Abbott, gives us the details on Tim Wilson's corruption and also the Medevac Bill passing.

Lessons from the Murray-Darling disaster run deeper than water
Environmental mismanagement runs deeper than the ecological tragedy gripping the Murray-Darling Basin.
New Music Through Old Ears: Metallica’s Backstreet Regionals
After a hiatus worthy of The Descendents, entertainment editor John Turnbull returns with a bunch of new music worth your attention.
PRESS GALLERY SKETCH: No questions on Closing the Gap
Out of all the questions asked during Question Time, pressing issues concerning Indigenous Australians were overlooked.
Tim Wilson clings to his seat – for now
Labor has referred Tim Wilson to the Privileges Committee over his politicking over the inquiry into Labor’s franking credits policy.
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