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Government leadership is key in digital transformation
Government leadership is needed to manage the political, social and economic implications of AI and robotics.
Cormann and the Coalition play hide and seek with the truth
From travel rorts to Paladin, to union raids and the Banking RC, hiding is what the Morrison Government is ​​​​​​about.

Tony Abbott and the cautious Caucus
Buoyed by recent House of Reps success added to their continuous run of good polls, the Shorten Caucus meet to discuss tactics.
Banking Royal Commission: The work has only just begun
Even if all the 76 recommendations of the Banking Royal Commission were to be implemented, not much would change.
Paladin: Closed tenders and shady dealings
The Paladin Group is a small company with a shack on Kangaroo Island – until last week – as its head office.
Economy, corruption and democracy, Coalition style
Three recent reports on government corruption, economic freedom and global citizenship deliver more bad news for Australia.
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